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Welding Gas, Pure Argon v Argon Mixtures

Argon Welding Gas Argon gas is commonly used in joining metals together or welding. The purpose of including Argon is to protect and shield the welded area from air, Oxygen and moisture. When any or all of these elements get into the welded area it will oxidise and thus weaken the join. Argon is used because it is firstly inert, or non-reactive so it does not affect the welding process. Other gases that are inert, but that are not as effective as Argon include CO2 and Nitrogen. Nitrogen is reactive at higher pressures and CO2 is used in mixtures with Argon. Secondly, Argon is more commonly used today as it is cheaper than other non-reactive noble gases, such as helium. There are a few types of Argon sold for welding applications. Pure Argon is used for applications including stainless steel, Aluminium and TIG welding of plate, tubing and sheet metal. Pure Argon is also suitable for MIG welding of Aluminium. Argon 5/2 is a mixture of 93% pure Argon with 5% Carbon Dioxide and 2% Oxygen. This blend of gas is a common welding mixture in Australia for MIG welding applications. The Argon 5/2 mix has good general properties around minimising weld spatter, good flow (allowing a fluid weld pool) and helps in creating a good welded appearance on your job. This mixture works well with MIG welding for mild steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel and galvanised steel, where the thickness of the steel is up to around 8-9mm. The addition of the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide into the Argon helps to give the arc more stability, but as mentioned earlier, it also allows the The addition of the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide into the Argon helps to give the arc more stability, but as mentioned earlier, it also allows the welder's pool to be more fluid, giving a nice presentation. Over the years we have also made specific welding mixtures for customers which include [...]

Argon Gas for Food Preservation

Most people think of welding when they think of argon gas. In fact, argon is a safe, benign gas which can be used to preserve wine, food and historical documents. For some time nitrogen was the ‘go to’ gas when it came to extending the shelf life of packaged goods but scientists have found that argon is actually 4 times more efficient than nitrogen, it is also around 40% denser than air and improves food safety. Thus argon is more effective than nitrogen in keeping food fresher for longer and improving its quality. So how does it work? Gas is used to replace oxygen which not only causes food to oxidise and spoil but allows bacteria to grow. Argon removes the oxygen very efficiently compared to nitrogen as it is denser and is able to more completely fill the spaces around food. Bacteria is starved of oxygen and enzymes that increase the rate of oxidation are inhibited. The use of food grade argon as a preserver does not add anything to the original product, rather it stops it from going bad in a completely safe way. Rent Free Gas is able to supply customers with food grade argon for a multitude of uses including the preservation of food and wine. Our rent free model allows our customers to purchase their own argon cylinder which they will never pay any rent on...ever! The cylinder will come completely full of gas and delivered for free in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Whenever more gas is needed we will simply come out and replace the empty argon cylinder with a full bottle. If a smaller c size cylinder is all you need we can post it to you anywhere in Australia. Give us a call and let one of our friendly team help you out with your argon gas needs today. 

Argon Gas Bottles & Regulators

Argon Gas Bottle Valves There are many different types of regulators out there with many different suppliers. So there can be confusion about the cylinders, the valves, and what connections and regulators are required. We hope the information below helps reduce the confusion. All Australian approved Argon cylinders have a Type 10 valve and all regulators purchased in Australia should also have a type 10 valve connection. The only difference, for Industrial high-pressure cylinders, is that around 10-12 years ago the valve on the top of the bottles was changed from being vertical (i.e. the open valve was facing the sky), to being horizontal (pointing to the side). This change was made for safety reasons, specifically preventing moisture getting inside the cylinders. So as long as your cylinder is Australian approved as all Rentfreegas and Speedgas cylinders are, then you are ok. Regulators Regulators are used to control the flow of gas from the Argon cylinder to your job or application. The argon regulator allows you to work at a safe, and lower pressure, by reducing the high pressure inside the cylinder to the desired working pressure for welding. Below is an example of one of our regulators that includes a ball valve flow metre, allowing you to set the gas flow to anywhere between 0-25L per minute.             Some of the other gases and there valve outlets are: Gas Valve Type Argon Type 10 Helium Type 10 Oxygen Type 10 Acetylene Type 20 CO2 Type 30 Nitrogen Type 50 Air Type 60 Note: High-pressure Nitrogen cylinders have a Type 51 outlet connection. Check with your gas supplier about what valve type your cylinder comes with.

Gas bottles for welding your hobby projects

  Most people buy gas bottles for welding repairs and DIY projects around the home. But have you ever thought about looking to expand your skill set or make a few extra dollars with some side projects you can sell at market? Here are just some of the creative things you can use gas welding for: Tables If you’re looking for a simple project that is guaranteed to make you some money on the side, try buying our gas bottles for welding tables, chairs and stools. Grab your gas bottles for welding these sorts of projects at Rentfreegas, because these are household items that everyone needs. Whether for inside the home or outside the house, you can really explore the creative and skilful side of your welding abilities. Decorations Our gas bottles for welding are also perfect for simple, creative and easy interior decorating projects like light fixtures, picture frames, coat racks and a huge variety of other metal accessories around your home. Artisanal products such as these are really on-trend and creating your own are the perfect way to hone your skills and make some easy hobby dollars because you don’t need a lot of materials and you can get really creative. Horse shoes Really? Buy our gas bottles for welding horse shoes? You heard right: because it’s a great place to start for beginners, and there are plenty of horse lovers who will think the fact you have used gas bottles for welding with horse shoes will look great around their home. We’re talking about things like knick knacks and wine racks, and it’s always going to be easy to come across those horse shoes at a very low price. Garden art Really want to have some creative fun with your gas bottles for welding? Think about expressing your imagination with welded garden art – which is always a big seller at those morning markets and contemporary art fairs. The best thing about using [...]

Rent free argon – What can argon be used for?

Put simply, rent free argon is what we deliver for you to keep. Because our rent free argon is yours once we’ve delivered it, you never need to pay rent on that cylinder, so you can put it away and use it whenever you need it. What is argon? Argon is known as one of the ‘noble gases’. What does that mean? Basically, it can create an ideal inert atmosphere which is loved by welders. Argon is used to shield the metals that are being welded so they don’t oxidise. Argon – much more than ‘lazy’ Argon has no colour, taste or odour, but it’s much more than that – even though it got its name from the Greek word for ‘lazy’, given how well it does its job without reacting. Argon can be used in fluoro lights, but for DIY and industrial processes, rent free argon really is handy. Again, it’s all about the non-reactive qualities of argon. So when welding those speciality alloys, for example, rent free argon is perfect. A versatile gas Because it’s all around us as an element of our breathable air, argon is abundant and inexpensive. Mixed with other gases, argon is regarded as the perfect shielding gas for TIG welding. But argon is also used for MIG welding, protecting that weld from the reactive properties of the air around it. Argon is also a great insulator, so deep sea divers love it to keep them warm in those deep, dark depths. Argon can also help to preserve things. What, exactly? Important historical documents, for example, can have argon pumped into their enclosures, which will help to protect the paper or ink from degrading over time. Argon is also used for wine preservation. In this way, argon supplied by Rent Free Gas could easily have been used for that 500-year-old map of the world in the US Library of Congress, or a priceless and super-rare copy of the historic [...]

Rent-free welding gas bottles for every occasion

Different Gases used for Welding There’s only one thing better than welding gas bottles for your DIY projects – and that’s rent-free welding gas bottle for your DIY project! Welding can seem like an intimidating process, as it involves energy powerful enough to fuse metal - and that has to be bad for the human body if used improperly. But, by taking the time to acquire the right skills and knowledge, carefully practising and using great equipment like rent-free welding gas bottles, you’ll be completing your DIY projects with ease. Rent-free welding gas bottle types When it comes to welding, you will eventually be faced with the question of what sort of rent-free welding gas bottle you will need. So let’s go through the options: Argon Argon is odourless and non-toxic and it occurs naturally in the atmosphere, but in the form of a gas bottle, it creates an inert and clean environment, free of nitrogen and oxygen. When used for metal fabrication, it is a shielding gas, and regularly blended with CO2 and or Oxygen (O2) for MIG welding – but 100% argon can also be used for TIG welding of any metal of any thickness. Oxygen Oxygen makes up 21% of the atmosphere, and is therefore crucial to all life on Earth. Also odourless like argon, oxygen gas bottles are used for oxyfuel cutting, or in small quantities can be added to shielding mixes. Oxygen can also be used for plasma cutting of steel, so an oxygen rent-free welding gas bottle is a powerful tool. CO2 CO2 is yet another odourless gas that can be packaged for a versatile rent-free welding gas bottle, and like Argon & Oxygen, it is non-flammable. In welding, its most common use is in combination with argon for shielding, although it can also be used in its purest state. Nitrogen There may be a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere – but there is much more nitrogen out there. A tasteless [...]

At Rentfreegas, we come to you – Delivery Service

At Rentfreegas, we know that you need gas. Whether it’s, argon for welding, oxygen for cutting, helium for balloons, CO2 for your fizzy drinks or nitrogen for preserving food – we get it. Forever rent-free But we don’t just get it, we also understand exactly HOW you want to get it. We know that when it comes to our range of industrial and special gases, you don’t want to be paying rent on those cylinders every single day. Many of you only want to use them occasionally – so our cylinders are forever rent-free. Pay once, and only pay again in the future for re-fills. And there’s no catch to that. Your gas, where you want it Not only that, we know that you want your gas wherever you are. We’re based in Sydney but our smaller cylinders are simply put in the mail and delivered by Australia Post to almost every postcode in Australia – whether you’re in a major city or a metropolitan area or not. This is particularly good news for those of you who live in rural or remote areas and are sick of paying rent. So have your very own cylinder instead, sit back for the mail-man and get back to work or play without worrying about gassy hassles! Gas cylinder delivery – for free! But that doesn’t mean our larger, heavier industrial cylinders are not widely available throughout much of Australia as well. If you’re near us in Sydney, or also within 30 kilometres of Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, place your order and we’ll bring your gas right to your door – whether that door is at home, work or anywhere else! And the best thing about it is that we won’t charge you a cent for your gas cylinder delivery. And again, there’s no catch. At Rent Free Gas, we also want to completely take care of you, from the start of your gas-buying purchase to the end and beyond. So, if you buy [...]

Argon and helium gas welding

Why argon and helium gas welding is important When welding, particularly arc welding, it is key that your use some form of shielding or welding gas. Argon and helium gas welding provides more suitable conditions for the welding arc by protecting it from the damaging effects of the surrounding air. If a welding arc comes into contact with heated metal, the oxygen will begin to oxidise the metal. Additionally, nitrogen or moisture in the air might cause the welding to become porous or brittle. All of these factors are undesirable when creating strong, durable welding joints. The presence of welding gas thus improves the surface appearance and geometry of welds, while ensuring arc stability and increased metal transfer. Welding gases also burn off alloying elements and oxide formation on the bead surface. By using welding gas you can increase your overall welding speed. Should I be welding with argon gas or helium gas? The two most common forms of shielding gas are argon and helium (or a mixture of the two). Argon is a naturally occurring non-flammable and non-toxic gas that is colourless, odourless and chemically inert. Argon is particularly effective in protecting weld sites from detrimental atmospheric influences, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and water particles. As such, Argon is commonly used in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes, which often cause non-reactive materials to become reactive. Argon is the best gas for shielding tungsten arc welding with an alternating current (AC). It provides extremely stable and quick starting arcs as well as cleaner welds. Argon gas is also the most commonly used shielding gas for welding aluminium. Pure helium, on the other hand, is used more commonly in direct current electrode negative (DCEN) gas tungsten arc machine welding. Pure helium provides high heats which result in fast welding speeds and deeply penetrating welds. This is particularly useful when creating full penetration butt welds, which are only welded from one side. Argon and helium mixtures also produce high [...]

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