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Oxygen LPG vs. oxygen acetylene

Oxygen mixed with a fuel gas is one of the most widely used industrial thermal cutting processes, because it can cut material that is up to 250mm thick, is cost effective, and can be used either manually or mechanically. The two most widely used cutting fuels are LPG (propane) and acetylene, with acetylene being seen for years as the industry standard. However, recently many have questioned whether acetylene is better for cutting than propane or LPG and a debate in oxy-LPG vs. acetylene has emerged. Below, we compare the two and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can decide where you fall in the oxy LPG vs. oxy acetylene debate. Oxy LPG advantages • Propane has a greater total heat of combustion • Oxy propane is easy to obtain and cheaper • Propane is more stable. Oxy LPG disadvantages • Propane produces a lower flame temperature • There is increased pre-heat time • Propane flames are less focused and therefore piercing is slower • Propane can’t be used for gas welding because it doesn’t have a reducing zone • In terms of oxy propane vs. oxy acetylene, propane is often used when cut quality is not essential. Oxy acetylene advantages • Acetylene produces the hottest flame temperature for oxy fuel cutting and welding • The hotter temperature creates a quicker piercing of materials • Oxy acetylene can be used on sites with no power supply • It is quite a versatile process and can be used to weld most metals. Oxy acetylene disadvantages • Acetylene weld lines are rougher in appearance and need more finishing • Acetylene is unstable and expensive • Regarding oxy propane vs. oxy acetylene, there are more safety issues with oxy acetylene, because there is a naked flame. Oxy LPG vs. oxy acetylene – it's your call! Whichever side you choose in oxy lpg vs. oxy acetylene, don’t be sucked into charging rental costs on gas cylinders you’ll only [...]

Rent-free welding gas bottles for every occasion

Different Gases used for Welding There’s only one thing better than welding gas bottles for your DIY projects – and that’s rent-free welding gas bottle for your DIY project! Welding can seem like an intimidating process, as it involves energy powerful enough to fuse metal - and that has to be bad for the human body if used improperly. But, by taking the time to acquire the right skills and knowledge, carefully practising and using great equipment like rent-free welding gas bottles, you’ll be completing your DIY projects with ease. Rent-free welding gas bottle types When it comes to welding, you will eventually be faced with the question of what sort of rent-free welding gas bottle you will need. So let’s go through the options: Argon Argon is odourless and non-toxic and it occurs naturally in the atmosphere, but in the form of a gas bottle, it creates an inert and clean environment, free of nitrogen and oxygen. When used for metal fabrication, it is a shielding gas, and regularly blended with CO2 and or Oxygen (O2) for MIG welding – but 100% argon can also be used for TIG welding of any metal of any thickness. Oxygen Oxygen makes up 21% of the atmosphere, and is therefore crucial to all life on Earth. Also odourless like argon, oxygen gas bottles are used for oxyfuel cutting, or in small quantities can be added to shielding mixes. Oxygen can also be used for plasma cutting of steel, so an oxygen rent-free welding gas bottle is a powerful tool. CO2 CO2 is yet another odourless gas that can be packaged for a versatile rent-free welding gas bottle, and like Argon & Oxygen, it is non-flammable. In welding, its most common use is in combination with argon for shielding, although it can also be used in its purest state. Nitrogen There may be a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere – but there is much more nitrogen out there. A tasteless [...]

Oxygen bottles for sale have so many uses

Rent Free Gas has oxygen bottles for sale that can be used for a multitude of purposes. In fact, oxygen – a colourless and odourless gas – is used for such a wide range of commercial, industrial and other uses in both its gas and liquid forms that oxygen bottles are among the highest of all the chemical sales in the world. Oxygen bottles for many sectors When this gas is harnessed and stored under pressure in a bottle, it can then be deployed for use in many sectors. One crucial use for oxygen bottles is in the field of medicine. Oxygen bottles can be used by people who struggle with their breathing or have other health issues, such as heart conditions or infectious diseases. As a crucial element to life on earth, human beings can live without food and water for a while, but not for more than a couple of minutes without oxygen. Oxygen bottles used by industry Oxygen bottles are also used within the world of industry, such as for welding. Some materials that will not easily burn in normal air will burn in oxygen, helping greatly with combustion. Oxygen bottles can help those who cut and shape metal, powering the flame torches that cut through metal with high precision. Oxygen bottles can help the welder produce temperatures of over 3,000 degrees C, but these flames also help with brazing and glass blowing and will allow users to cut through concrete and bricks. Rent Free Gas’s oxygen bottles for sale are not used by NASA! The oxygen gas bottles available for purchase through Rent Free Gas would not, however, be used in the powering of rockets and missiles, but these are among the hundreds of other uses of oxygen around the world. NASA’s space shuttles, for instance, were powered by fuel tanks holding half a million litres of liquid oxygen – just a little more than the small, medium and large oxygen bottles for sale [...]

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