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Nitrogen gas bottle uses… more than just welding!

Welding with a nitrogen gas bottle For stainless steel tube welding, a nitrogen gas bottle is a perfect purge gas. You probably require nitrogen for your DIY welding projects or for your nitrogen plastics welding system, but you may not be aware that it has so many other uses. Nitrogen, whose symbol is N or N2, makes up no less than 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. It has no colour, odour, taste or toxicity and it is not flammable. It was officially isolated in the 18th century, but scientists knew about this element – crucial to biological life – long before this. The uses of a nitrogen are endless! You will be amazed at just how many uses a nitrogen gas bottle has. Use this versatile inert gas to superbly inflate tyres, improving tyre life and also minimising the risk of tyre blowouts. Or use your nitrogen to mix it with CO2 for your beer making. In the form of a nitrogen gas bottle, N2 is a seriously handy gas. It can be used in food packaging, wine making, air conditioning and scientific testing – and that's just the start of the possible uses. Nitrogen gas bottles are commonly used in industry for blanketing or purging, which involves the removal of unwanted or unstable gases or compounds, while nitrogen is also used to control the temperature of computer CPUs and for making light bulbs. Ever played with a paintball gun? Nitrogen have been used to supply the power source, even if you may think that carbon dioxide is the obvious choice. A nitrogen gas bottle can also be used for plasma cutting and in combination with argon for a shielding gas. Nitrogen is also used in combination with CO2 in cold brewing coffee. Whatever you need a nitrogen gas bottle for, you can be sure that, here at Rent Free Gas, we have all your requirements covered. Give us a call 0404 677 187  today.

Rent-free welding gas bottles for every occasion

Different Gases used for Welding There’s only one thing better than welding gas bottles for your DIY projects – and that’s rent-free welding gas bottle for your DIY project! Welding can seem like an intimidating process, as it involves energy powerful enough to fuse metal - and that has to be bad for the human body if used improperly. But, by taking the time to acquire the right skills and knowledge, carefully practising and using great equipment like rent-free welding gas bottles, you’ll be completing your DIY projects with ease. Rent-free welding gas bottle types When it comes to welding, you will eventually be faced with the question of what sort of rent-free welding gas bottle you will need. So let’s go through the options: Argon Argon is odourless and non-toxic and it occurs naturally in the atmosphere, but in the form of a gas bottle, it creates an inert and clean environment, free of nitrogen and oxygen. When used for metal fabrication, it is a shielding gas, and regularly blended with CO2 and or Oxygen (O2) for MIG welding – but 100% argon can also be used for TIG welding of any metal of any thickness. Oxygen Oxygen makes up 21% of the atmosphere, and is therefore crucial to all life on Earth. Also odourless like argon, oxygen gas bottles are used for oxyfuel cutting, or in small quantities can be added to shielding mixes. Oxygen can also be used for plasma cutting of steel, so an oxygen rent-free welding gas bottle is a powerful tool. CO2 CO2 is yet another odourless gas that can be packaged for a versatile rent-free welding gas bottle, and like Argon & Oxygen, it is non-flammable. In welding, its most common use is in combination with argon for shielding, although it can also be used in its purest state. Nitrogen There may be a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere – but there is much more nitrogen out there. A tasteless [...]

A nitrogen cylinder unleashes the power of this fresh and fast gas

Nitrogen is one of the most versatile industrial gases on the planet in both its gas and liquid form. It is often stored in a nitrogen cylinder for ease of use. It was first discovered by the Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772, who called it “noxious air” until the more attractive name nitrogen was introduced. Nitrogen has becoming one of the most successful gases with scores of uses. To celebrate nitrogen’s qualities, let’s explore a few unique ways this gas helps our modern world run smoothly. A nitrogen cylinder keeps food fresh When pressurised into a nitrogen cylinder and mixed with carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas can be used to create a modified atmosphere for the safe storage of foods during transportation. Nitrogen helps preserve foods for a long period of time by stopping the growth of harmful bacteria and delaying the natural breakdown of foodstuffs. The use of nitrogen cylinders are the reason why you can eat apples from the United States in Sydney, or fresh tomatoes from Italy in Melbourne. A nitrogen cylinder keeps planes flying and cars racing Inflating your tyres with air is a common thing to do. But for the best results, you can use nitrogen gas. A nitrogen cylinder can be used to inflate both aircraft and racing car tyres because the gas is free from moisture, unlike oxygen, and has a more consistent rate of expansion and contraction. This increases safety and reliability, and pushes the performance envelope. By using nitrogen gas, you can get a smoother ride and longer life from your tyres. Get a nitrogen cylinder from Rent Free Gas At Rent Free Gas, we love nitrogen. It helps make stainless steel, pressurises the lines for pubs pulling perfect pints, helps create transistors and diodes for the electronics industry and assists laser cutting. There’s an extraordinary range of uses for this highly versatile gas – and that’s why we offer nitrogen cylinders at the best prices so [...]

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