National delivery is only for the small C size cylinder (55cm high) and is delivered by Australia Post
This offer is great if you are in a rural or remote area and are sick of paying rent.

Click Here for the Australia post excluded postcode list.

Cylinder Return Instructions & Gas bottle Delivery

  1. Order and pay for your refilled replacement cylinder
  2. Packaging
    Please ensure the cylinder is adequately packed. You can reuse the original shipping cardboard box if in good condition. Ensure it has the Green Diamond on the box.
  3. Shipping
    Take the package to an Australia Post outlet. Australia Post will accept package for ROAD TRANSPORT only. The cylinder is still considered Dangerous Goods when empty and CANNOT be shipped by air.
    Shipping Address Gas Chemicals
    49 Chard Street Brookvale, NSW 2100
  4. Include with the package your
    1. Name
    2. Return address

Some details on the C sized DIY range of Gas Cylinders below

Commonly used for TIG welding of aluminium & stainless steel
Commonly used for MIG welding of mild steel
Commonly used to inflate balloons
Commonly used for purging, blanketing & inflating tyres
Commonly used for brazing, cutting & heating in the welding process
Commonly used for beverage dispensing & greenhouse applications