Our business has evolved from being a net importer of cylinders and gases, to the establishment of our online presence around 3 years ago, to now becoming a retailer of cylinders and gases, with depots in three states and more depots planned, Melbourne and Perth coming soon.
Our goal is to deliver gas products to the domestic and trade customer for fair value. We hope to achieve this through offering a single price for the first (upfront) cost which includes the cylinder, gas and delivery to you. Thereafter, once you own your cylinder, you have a single cost for refills. No rental.
As stated on our home page the owners and Directors of Rent Free Gas have over 45 years experience in the Industrial and Special gas industry
We import liquid and gaseous products including Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Helium into Australia. We have strong affiliations within the gas industry both locally and globally, and have been selling cylinders and gas online for over 3 years.
Words are cheap – give us a call and test us out.