How it Works

We have two options that enable us to deliver our range of gases to many areas of Australia.

1. National delivery is only for the small C size cylinders and
is delivered by Australia Post.

The first option is delivery of the small C size cylinder, via Australia Post, to most postcodes.
This offer is great if you are in a rural or remote area and are sick of paying rental.
Click Here for the Australia post excluded postcode list.

2. Local Delivery of Large Cylinders in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide.

The second option is for the larger, heavier industrial cylinders.
Which are commonly referred to as the D, E and G size.
These cylinders can be delivered to you within 25km of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide CBD.
Please visit our “Locations” page for contact details and information about each of the state depots.

Our range of cylinder sizes