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No Cylinder Rental – No Contracts

Rentfreegas is a Gas company based in Sydney NSW that sells cylinders, gas and equipment on a rent-free and delivery free basis. We specialise in Argon, Mig gas, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Helium. We supply Speedgas cylinders as well as regulators, high pressure hoses, fittings and other accessories. With over 20 years in the industrial gas industry we can help you not only save money on rental, but help you make specific gas mixtures and source gases internationally.

We aim to provide great service to all customers and if we cannot help you point you in the right direction to get the support you need.

Own your cylinder!

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New & Full BottleCDEG
Argon 5/2$200$299$430$599
CO2$200$340 n/a$599
Helium$210$360$460 n/a
Argon 5/2$70$100$150$199
CO2$70$85 n/a$120
Delivery free Sydney
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Introducing E Size Acetylene

Acetylene E Size Cylinder Now Available - December 2017: Sydney Only Great news we now have Acetylene available in E size cylinders for our Sydney customers. Acetylene is a fuel gas that is ideal for cutting, flame hardening, and Oxy-Acetylene welding. You can now purchase your own cylinder and have it delivered to you for one price including the gas, cylinder, and GST. Whenever the cylinder requires refilling, we come to you and swap it over fora full cylinder. Simple. Our brand new E size Acetylene cylinders hold 3.2m3 of Acetylene and are free of asbestos, unlike other suppliers in the market. In terms of welding quality, with a heat transfer rate of 3,100C, oxy-acetylene is the best cutting & heating gas available. A research project conducted over 2008 and 2009 by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing concluded that acetylene was a safe gas. It highlighted that mechanical impact alone cannot initiate acetylene decomposition, that only a cylinder that had been exposed to direct fire was at any risk of decomposition, and that one-hour cooling was enough to ensure that no decomposition was ongoing in these cylinders.  The cylinders must be stored in an upright position that doesn’t allow for falling or knocking over, must not be rolled, and when handling them one should wear eye protection, safety shoes, and gloves. Rent Free Gas is able to supply customers with Acetylene for a multitude of uses, but our customers primarily use our Acetylene for welding and cutting. Our rent free model allows our customers to purchase their own Acetylene cylinder which they will never have to pay rent on and that will come completely full of gas, delivered for free to Sydney.

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Mig Gas Kit – Cylinder, Gas, Regulator & Inert 1500kpa Hose

Mig Welding Gas kit - Starters Gas Kit for Welding (C, D & E Size Cylinders). We have recently put together a Mig starters (Argon 5/2 mix) gas kit, which includes a new refillable C size (0.6m3) bottle full of gas, with a new Argon regulator (Type 10 valve outlet) and an inert gas hose rated to 1500kpa.  The kit price also includes GST and delivery to you. The C size cylinder can be delivered to customers Australia wide. WA/NT customers will need to call us to obtain a delivery cost as it is expensive to freight goods to WA/NT. The Mig Gas kit which includes a cylinder of Argon 5/2 mix is also available in D size (1.6m3) for $400 (which includes the gas, hose & regulator) and the E size (4m3) for $500 (which includes the gas, hose and regulator), are available for free delivery in Sydney only. In your order please specify if you would like Argon 5/2 mix for Mig welding or Pure Argon for TIG, Aluminium or stainless. The photo below is an example of the C size cylinder connected to the regulator and hose. The system works the same with the D and E size.

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Why owning your own cylinder is the best deal on the market today.

Don't be fooled by so called 'Rent Free Deals'  As time goes on the big gas guys are coming to appreciate that continuing to charge rent on their cylinders is causing their customers to look and shop elsewhere. Many of them have introduced new schemes in attempt to keep their customers. Some of these schemes involve a single ongoing charge per year or a large deposit to be returned once you no longer need your cylinder (which is unlikely, oh and don't forget your receipt that you put somewhere 3 years ago!) Don’t be fooled by these the end of the day you are still paying them for the privilege to use their cylinders. So whilst they may use the term ‘no more rent’ they have swapped rent for another type of payment. These schemes are also only for a small selection of gas types and cylinder sizes rather than their full range. So how is Rent Free Gas different? Well, buy one of our cylinders and that is exactly what you are doing….buying your own cylinder. Aside from the cost of a refill you will never pay another cent for the privilege of owning your own cylinder. We simply swap over your cylinder whenever it is empty. You don’t need to worry about maintaining your cylinder, we do all the hard work for you making sure each cylinder is checked regularly to meet Australian standards. So don’t be confused by some gas deals offering no rental costs, no rent means owning your own cylinder and that is exactly what Rent Free Gas can help you out with today. So give us a call on 0404677187 to have a chat about how we can take the hassle out of buying gas and make sure you get a true rent free deal.

Offer Expired – We refill and swap over Power 10 Cylinders Sydney.

Offer ended June 2019 Power 10 Refill Sydney - Argon & Oxygen Only As Rentfreegas continues to grow it's market share welding gas consumers will only benefit. Another new benefit is that we can now swap over Power10 cylinders as we refill them locally. Recently SpeedGas announced that they can refill Power 10 cylinders, so now Power10 welding gas bottles may be refilled or swapped for a Speedgas cylinder of equivalent size and type. Available gases and bottle sizes are listed below along with the corresponding price Oxygen & Argon Cylinders Speedgas Power10 D Cylinder Oxygen $90 Speedgas Power10 E Cylinder Oxygen $150 Speedgas Power10 G Cylinder Oxygen $180 Unfortunately we cannot swap over Power10 Acetylene cylinders. If you have any questions please call us on 0404 677 187, or email us at Regards Simon.

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Argon Gas Starters kit, with Cylinder, Gas, Regulator & Hose

Argon Gas Starters Kit We have recently released a new Argon gas kit, which combines all the items you need to get started using Argon in your application. The kit that comes with a small, lightweight and refillable high-pressure cylinder, with your choice of pure Argon or Argon 5/2 gas (sometimes referred to as 'MIG Gas')  an Argon regulator and an inert gas hose. The Argon cylinder is full of gas, 600 litres of compressed Argon (0.6m3). The regulator has a maximum inlet pressure 20000 kpa, and the inert gas hose that is rated to 1500kPa. The gas hose is suitable for Argon, MIG gas, Helium and nitrogen & has fittings on each end that connect directly onto the regulator. The fittings are brass and are a 5/8-18 UNF right-hand thread. NEVER PAY RENT AGAIN So whether you use, or would like to use, Argon in your food, welding, wine or beer application for moulding, purging, blanketing or reducing oxidisation, this Argon gas kit can help you get started. The kits can also be found on ebay. Examples of the C Size cylinder are provided below. The cylinder with the grey top is the Argon 5/2 Mix for MiG welding.  

Welding Gas, Pure Argon v Argon Mixtures

Argon Welding Gas Argon gas is commonly used in joining metals together or welding. The purpose of including Argon is to protect and shield the welded area from air, Oxygen and moisture. When any or all of these elements get into the welded area it will oxidise and thus weaken the join. Argon is used because it is firstly inert, or non-reactive so it does not affect the welding process. Other gases that are inert, but that are not as effective as Argon include CO2 and Nitrogen. Nitrogen is reactive at higher pressures and CO2 is used in mixtures with Argon. Secondly, Argon is more commonly used today as it is cheaper than other non-reactive noble gases, such as helium. There are a few types of Argon sold for welding applications. Pure Argon is used for applications including stainless steel, Aluminium and TIG welding of plate, tubing and sheet metal. Pure Argon is also suitable for MIG welding of Aluminium. Argon 5/2 is a mixture of 93% pure Argon with 5% Carbon Dioxide and 2% Oxygen. This blend of gas is a common welding mixture in Australia for MIG welding applications. The Argon 5/2 mix has good general properties around minimising weld spatter, good flow (allowing a fluid weld pool) and helps in creating a good welded appearance on your job. This mixture works well with MIG welding for mild steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel and galvanised steel, where the thickness of the steel is up to around 8-9mm. The addition of the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide into the Argon helps to give the arc more stability, but as mentioned earlier, it also allows the The addition of the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide into the Argon helps to give the arc more stability, but as mentioned earlier, it also allows the welder's pool to be more fluid, giving a nice presentation. Over the years we have also made specific welding mixtures for customers which include [...]