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No Cylinder Rental – No Contracts

Rentfreegas is a Gas company based in Sydney NSW that sells cylinders, gas and equipment on a rent-free and delivery free basis. We specialise in Argon, Mig gas, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Helium. We supply Speedgas cylinders as well as regulators, high pressure hoses, fittings and other accessories. With over 20 years in the industrial gas industry we can help you not only save money on rental, but help you make specific gas mixtures and source gases internationally.

We aim to provide great service to all customers and if we cannot help you point you in the right direction to get the support you need.

Own your cylinder!

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New & Full BottleCDEG
Argon 5/2$200$299$430$599
CO2$200$340 n/a$599
Helium$210$360$460 n/a
Argon 5/2$70$100$150$199
CO2$70$85 n/a$120
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Stop ignoring your bottle rental costs

No More Welding Gas Bottle Rental Fees. Time and time again we talk to gas users who are fed up with the ridiculous rental fees they are paying on their gas cylinders. So many people feel locked in because they are unaware they can buy their own bottles and have them filled and swapped over easily without ever having to pay rent again. There are concerns about the initial cost, and whether it is cheaper to rent in the long run or if a customer will always be able to get their own cylinder refilled, or will they be stuck with it after a few years and then have to return to the rental system. If you work the numbers it is clear that paying rent only benefits one party and that certainly is not the end customer. Large gas companies have high costs which must be passed onto their customers in order for them to achieve their profits. Rental charges on bottles are a great profit generator for the gas companies. There is no advantage for you in the short or long term. They use scaremongering tactics to convince you it is in your best interests to continue paying rent. All gas companies should conduct tests on the cylinders and they include, visual, Hydro and ultrasonic testing. So regardless of who the gas company is they must provide a safe cylinder for the customer. Smaller gas companies like Rent Free Gas are in a unique position with lower overheads, more efficient customer service and simple delivery methods which mean we can offer you a whole new way of buying and using gas. We don’t need to charge you rent, we don’t want to charge you rent. We want to provide you with a competitive gas supply option that is fair. One of the main queries we receive is whether we will always be here to refill your bottle. Rentfreegas has been going for nearly [...]

Nitrogen Gas Prices, Disposable v High Pressure

Nitrogen Gas Prices, May 2017 We have talked before about comparisons between disposable Nitrogen and high-pressure industrial nitrogen cylinders and in that post we indicated the various set-up costs along with the annual costs of nitrogen based on the volume of nitrogen used. In this post we are providing pricing information on the disposable nitrogen bottles and comparing them with high-pressure nitrogen bottles that are supplied by companies like Rentfreegas. Disposable Nitrogen Bottles All Nitrogen cylinders must state their volume and pressure on the cylinder, as this is a requirement within Australia. The pressure of the disposable nitrogen bottles (shown below) is 10,000kPa with a nitrogen gas volume of 0.22m3, and tare is 1720g. The cost is somewhere between $83-$96 per bottle depending on the supplier. Nitrogen Disposable Bottle Volume 0.2m3 (2.2L)   High-Pressure Nitrogen Bottles Nitrogen supplied in industrial high-pressure cylinders have a greater volume than the disposable bottles due to the pressure being greater within the cylinder. The fill pressure on the C size bottle is 200bar (or 20,000kPa) which is twice as great as the disposable bottle fill pressure, and the cylinder contains 600 litres of nitrogen. The C size bottle is a standard Australian approved cylinder and for nitrogen comes with a Type 50 valve outlet so your existing regulator will fit. The refill cost is $70 including postage to you. To do a fair comparison you need to also include the cost of return postage for the sending the empty back to us (approx. $20) and therefore the cost is $90. So, for a similar price of around $90 you can have 3 x times as much gas. There is a first cost to purchase the cylinder, with gas and delivery to you, and that is $220. The weight of the cylinder full of gas is around 6kg and it stands 55cm tall (as shown below). C Size (600L)   If you are planning on using nitrogen over the next few years then the investment in your own cylinder [...]

HVAC Nitrogen Regulators

Nitrogen Regulators for Refrigeration & HVAC Industry High Pressure & High Flow Regulator The single stage high flow Nitrogen regulator (below) with Side Entry and Type 50 valve outlet we supply is supported locally and designed for high-pressure testing in the Refrigeration, Heating and air conditioning market. The maximum flow rate is 150m3 per hour, the maximum inlet pressure is 30,000kPa and the maximum outlet pressure is 6000kPa. The pressure gauges comply with Australian Standards (AS 4706). The regulator comes with a safety relief valve and gauge protectors around the outsides of the pressure gauges.   Discounted to $350 delivered (excludes WA)       Standard Nitrogen Regulator (below) The second regulator option is 0-1000kPa single stage, side-entry regulator with dual valves and Type 50 outlet connection. The first gauge, nearest the cylinder connection, allows monitoring of the cylinder contents and the second gauge (to the right of the first gauge) on the low-pressure side, allows you to reduce the pressure to the desired working pressure for your process. Discounted to $99.00 (free delivery)         Nitrogen Gas Bottles We can also supply nitrogen in high-pressure bottles (200bar) that stand 55cm tall, weigh 6kg and contain 500 litres of compressed Nitrogen to most places in Australia. The cylinders connect directly to the regulators above. Please remember that disposable nitrogen cylinders have a different connection and therefore require a different regulator. Thank you  

HVAC Nitrogen Gas bottle – Australian Cost Comparison

Dry Nitrogen Tank with No rent HVAC businesses in Australia can now access Nitrogen in many forms. They can purchase industrial high-pressure cylinders from the big gas companies like BOC, they can purchase disposable nitrogen bottles from Bunnings and they can also purchase rent free Nitrogen tanks from various suppliers.Even customers in remote Australian regions have access to C size high-pressure Nitrogen bottle that comes to your door via TNT or Australia Post. The key in deciding what cylinder size, supplier or model to use (that is, whether to rent or buy a bottle) is to understand how much gas you use and then look at the volume of the each cylinder, whether disposable or high-pressure. Option 1 - If for example you only use small amounts of nitrogen (say 2m3 p.a.) then the investment in a disposable nitrogen regulator  (approx. $70) and disposable cylinders  (approx. $400) could be the most cost means of buying nitrogen. Please remember that these regulators for disposable cylinders, do not work with Industrial high-pressure cylinders, which have a Type 50 valve outlet. Outlets like Bunnings sell disposable nitrogen cylinders. Option 2 - If however, you use a medium (for example 2m3-10m3) amount of Nitrogen then a rent free Nitrogen bottle could be the most cost effective means of buying Nitrogen, (expected cost $550). Regulators cost between $100 for 0-1000kPa or $350 for the high pressure & high flow regulator. Option 3 - If you are a large user of Nitrogen and have service vehicles on the road, then the most cost effective way to purchase Nitrogen might be through someone like BOC where the cost of gas is cheaper, and the rental costs balance out with buying your own bottle. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message at or call us on 0404 677 187.  

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Carbon Dioxide Regulators, Beer Gas

Carbon Dioxide (Beer gas) Regulators We have been able to negotiate some competitive pricing on our Carbon Dioxide or beer gas (CO2) regulators and we want to pass these savings directly back to our customers. So for a limited time, we are offering the Beer gas regulators at the following price. The regulators have standard Australian connections, which is Type 30 for Carbon Dioxide, so they will fit your existing Australian cylinders. If you are interested in buying a cylinder and not renting, then give us a call on 0404 677 187, as we have a few options for you. The regulators are single stage with side-entry, and are for use with Australian Approved CO2 bottles.   Carbon dioxide regulator - $59.00 (includes free delivery). The Inlet pressure is 20,000kPa and outlet pressure is 400kPa.     If you would like to buy multiples of each then please give me a call and we can work on a discount for you. Best regards Simon. 0404 677 187

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Nitrogen Regulators – Special Price

Nitrogen Regulators - Reduced Price  We have been able to negotiate some competitive pricing on our Nitrogen regulators and we would like to pass these savings directly back to our customers. So for a limited time, we are offering the Nitrogen regulators at the following discounted price.  The regulators have standard Australian cylinder connection for Nitrogen, which is a Type 50 outlet, which means that the regulators will fit directly on to your existing cylinder. If you don't have a cylinder, email or call us as we have 2 possible options to help you obtain a bottle of Nitrogen. The regulators are single stage with side-entry, and are for use with Australian approved Nitrogen cylinders.   Nitrogen regulator - $94.00 (includes free delivery). Single stage brass regulator with dual valves, and maximum inlet pressure of 20,000 kPa     If you would like to buy multiples of each then please give me a call and we can work on a discount for you. Kind regards, Simon - 0404 677 187