Welding Gas Starters Kit – Argon or MIG Gas

//Welding Gas Starters Kit – Argon or MIG Gas

Welding Gas Starters Kit – Argon or MIG Gas


Argon Welding Gas Kit

Product Description

You can now purchase in small, lightweight, refillable cylinders which have a standard Argon valve so your existing regulator will fit.

This kit includes the Argon cylinder which is full of gas 600 litres of Argon or Argon 5/2 gas mix (0.6m3), an Argon regulator with maximum inlet pressure 20,000kpa, and an inert gas hose that is rated to 1500kPa. The gas hose is suitable for Argon, MIG gas, Helium and nitrogen & has fittings on each end that connect directly onto the regulator. The fittings are brass and are a 5/8-18 UNF right-hand thread.

The gas cylinder is included in the gas welding starters kit, which you can then refill for $70 including postage to you. The cost for the first cylinder alone is usually $235.00, the regulator is $100, and the hose is $40, but in this Argon welding gas kit we have discounted all the parts to make it easy to get started.

The price for all the parts, delivered to you is $320.00

Once that cylinder has been emptied simply send it back to us with your details and we will provide a replacement refilled cylinder and ship it back to you.


Return Instructions:

The empty cylinder will be returned to the factory at Rentfreegas P/L 49 Chard Road Brookvale, NSW 2100.

The cost to return will vary depending on your location.  Cost from metro areas is normally around $12-15.

Thank you.


0404 677 187


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