For your utmost convenience, we have a local depot for all your gas refill Brisbane needs. It is located at 76 Pentex Street in Salisbury, at the company R A Dibbs & Sons. We love the R A Dibbs & Sons brand, as the company has been in the gas business for more than 70 years and has a firm hold on the gas market. R A Dibbs & Sons supplies special gases to a huge range of customers, so by getting your gas through us, you can guarantee you’re dealing with a supplier that knows and appreciates everything about the gas business.

When to collect your gas refill Brisbane

The depot at R A Dibbs & Sons is open during office hours, which are 8am – 2:30pm Monday to Friday. You can come in during this time and collect your gas. The depot is situated on the south side of Brisbane, about a 25-minute drive from the CBD. We know that for some, picking up a gas refill in Brisbane will be easier than for others. Some of you might not have the time, which is why we also offer a delivery service.

Gas refill delivery in Brisbane

If you’d rather have your gas delivered to you, this is also an option. All you need to do is give us a call on 07 3274 5709. We can discuss your gas refill needs and organise a delivery to you as quickly as possible. Of course, if you want to order online, that is possible is well. Simply go to our shop page, enter the gas refill cylinder type you are after, and we will ship your gas cylinder to you in Brisbane within three days or less. Simply process your order using your credit card – it couldn’t be easier!

Gas refill Brisbane products

We have a whole range of gas refill products available for delivery too. They include Argon gas cylinders, oxygen gas cylinders, CO2 cylinders, nitrogen cylinders and helium cylinders. With this huge range of products available, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re after.

And the best part? These cylinders come in a whole range of sizes, meaning no job is too big or too small with us! Simply purchase the cylinder size you need for the job and save yourself some money. So what are you waiting for? Order your gas refill from our Brisbane depot today!