Gas Regulators & Equipment

//Gas Regulators & Equipment

The Regulators available from Rentfreegas comply with all Australian standards.  We supply Argon gas regulators, beer gas & carbon dioxide regulators and Nitrogen regulators for all Argon, CO2, N2 and beer gas bottles.

The applications our regulators are suitable for include MIG and TIG welding, brewing for hospitality, blanketing and purging in wineries, pubs & cafes, as well as all metal working. Our product range includes Argon welding regulators, balloon gas regulators, as well as tig and mig regulators.  We also supply a range of nitrogen regulators for various pressures, these come with adjustable flow metre valves or dual pressure gauges. The Argon regulator range also provides a choice of with or without, the adjustable ball-valve flow metre.

Our regulators are for industrial gas cylinders with higher pressure and greater volume than disposable cylinders. The disposable cylinders have a different valve.