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Stop ignoring your bottle rental costs

No More Welding Gas Bottle Rental Fees. Time and time again we talk to gas users who are fed up with the ridiculous rental fees they are paying on their gas cylinders. So many people feel locked in because they are unaware they can buy their own bottles and have them filled and swapped over easily without ever having to pay rent again. There are concerns about the initial cost, and whether it is cheaper to rent in the long run or if a customer will always be able to get their own cylinder refilled, or will they be stuck with it after a few years and then have to return to the rental system. If you work the numbers it is clear that paying rent only benefits one party and that certainly is not the end customer. Large gas companies have high costs which must be passed onto their customers in order for them to achieve their profits. Rental charges on bottles are a great profit generator for the gas companies. There is no advantage for you in the short or long term. They use scaremongering tactics to convince you it is in your best interests to continue paying rent. All gas companies should conduct tests on the cylinders and they include, visual, Hydro and ultrasonic testing. So regardless of who the gas company is they must provide a safe cylinder for the customer. Smaller gas companies like Rent Free Gas are in a unique position with lower overheads, more efficient customer service and simple delivery methods which mean we can offer you a whole new way of buying and using gas. We don’t need to charge you rent, we don’t want to charge you rent. We want to provide you with a competitive gas supply option that is fair. One of the main queries we receive is whether we will always be here to refill your bottle. Rentfreegas has been going for nearly [...]

Common uses of welding gas bottles

Rent free welding gas bottles are the easy and more cost-effective way to complete your welding projects. If you currently rent a bottle, but you don't have any welding projects on your bench for a month or two, you're literally wasting money every day. Make the easy leap to buying your own bottle, because rent free welding gas bottles are the answer! Common welding gas bottles and their uses: Argon Argon is used as an inert shielding gas, protecting your weld from contamination from the air. By properly using an Argon rent free welding gas bottle, typically used for a TIG welder, you ensure that air will not come in contact with the molten weld puddle and react with the metal. Argon 5-2 Different to Argon rent free welding gas bottles, Argon 5-2 can be used when you are welding mild steel, in the form of MIG welding. Basically, Argon 5-2 rent free welding gas bottles contain a mix of Argon and also CO2 and Oxygen. Oxygen Oxygen rent free welding gas bottles are used for what is called Oxygen & LPG welding (or Oxyacetylene), otherwise known as Oxy-fuel welding. Basically, this means you are using the oxygen in your rent free welding gas bottle as the combustion method. It's also great for bending, heating, surfacing and brazing, as the welder has a lot of control over the heat. CO2 Did you know that CO2 rent free welding gas bottles are most commonly used as a reactive gas for MIG welding, and are the only ones that can be used without an inert gas? CO2 rent free welding gas bottles are also a very inexpensive shielding gas, and provide for deep weld penetrations useful for welding thick materials. Nitrogen Another inert gas, like Argon or C02, is nitrogen, which in the form of a rent free welding gas bottle means you eradicate oxygen from the welding environment and prevent oxidation. Nitrogen rent free welding gas bottles are increasingly popular [...]

Saving money with rent free welding gas bottles

In any market, the debate between renting and owning is a struggle. In the current housing market, economists go back and forth about the wisdom of buying when renting could make just as much or more economic sense. Some refuse to buy a new car when a comfortable lease seems to be a great deal. When it comes to your welding gas cylinders, however, it’s clear sense to buy rather than rent. Whether you’re an enthusiast welder or sourcing materials for your business, owning rent free welding gas bottles will save you money every time. Rent free welding gas cylinders make sense If you’re a regular welder, the expense of renting gas cylinders adds up quickly; if you run a garage or machine shop, the costs can be monumental. While a backyard hobbyist might go through a bottle every month or so, a professional welder can easily go through a bottle in a couple of days. On average, the purchase of a gas bottle is the equivalent of between about one or two years of rental. That may sound like a lot, but considering the life of use you’ll get out of a gas cylinder, the figures speak for themselves. Lifetime savings with rent free bottles Industrial gas cylinders need to be retested every 10 years. At that point, they must be hydrostatically tested before they can legally be refilled. As long as they pass testing at that point, the cylinder is good for another 10 years. This is our cost, not yours. Many gas cylinders, given the proper amount of care and maintenance, last for decades. The value-added aspect of having the cylinders delivered and swapped over as opposed to having to constantly haul and exchange rented cylinders, makes the decision to buy significantly more appealing. Some buyers worry that owning bottles might leave them stranded, if technology or standards change. As you own the cylinder you are free to sell it or have [...]

Rent free welding gas for your next welding project

Argon Welding is a breeze with Sydney based Rent Free Gas, as we listened to what you want and don’t charge for delivery or rental. If you need argon to complete your project, get your rent free welding gas bottles from Rent Free Gas and you will own rather than rent your cylinder. Argon is used in both Mig and Tig welding, due to it being an inert gas it is ideal for operating as a shielding gas. Argon protectively shields the electric arc from contaminants, but other rent free welding gas bottles that are also helpful for your welding projects and solutions are helium and CO2.  Oxygen Rent Free Gas also has your rent free welding gas bottles for your oxygen welding projects. Oxy-acetylene welding is one of the fundamental welding techniques, burning with an intense and focused flame. To complete your project you will need your very own welding gas bottles containing oxygen bought from Rent Free Gas.  CO2 If you are going to complete a Mig welding project, one of Rentfreegas’ rent free welding gas bottles containing CO2 will more than certainly be on your shopping list. That’s because carbon dioxide is the most common reactive gas used for this kind of welding, because it can be used in its very useful 100% form that doesn’t require the use of an additional inert gas. Rent free welding gas bottles for Mig welding are also inexpensive when welding with CO2, so keep your costs low by turning to Rent Free Gas. Helium Rent Free Gas wants to give you the best rent free welding gas bottles as well as the best welding tips, so take our advice and do your aluminium welding with a pure Argon. You can also purchase a 50-50 mix of argon and helium which is good for Aluminium welding, but it is more expensive due to high helium content. If you find your aluminium welding difficult, add a rent free welding gas bottle full of helium to the recipe and [...]

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