In any market, the debate between renting and owning is a struggle. In the current housing market, economists go back and forth about the wisdom of buying when renting could make just as much or more economic sense. Some refuse to buy a new car when a comfortable lease seems to be a great deal. When it comes to your welding gas cylinders, however, it’s clear sense to buy rather than rent. Whether you’re an enthusiast welder or sourcing materials for your business, owning rent free welding gas bottles will save you money every time.

Rent free welding gas cylinders make sense

If you’re a regular welder, the expense of renting gas cylinders adds up quickly; if you run a garage or machine shop, the costs can be monumental. While a backyard hobbyist might go through a bottle every month or so, a professional welder can easily go through a bottle in a couple of days. On average, the purchase of a gas bottle is the equivalent of between about one or two years of rental. That may sound like a lot, but considering the life of use you’ll get out of a gas cylinder, the figures speak for themselves.

Lifetime savings with rent free bottles

Industrial gas cylinders need to be retested every 10 years. At that point, they must be hydrostatically tested before they can legally be refilled. As long as they pass testing at that point, the cylinder is good for another 10 years. This is our cost, not yours.

Many gas cylinders, given the proper amount of care and maintenance, last for decades. The value-added aspect of having the cylinders delivered and swapped over as opposed to having to constantly haul and exchange rented cylinders, makes the decision to buy significantly more appealing.

Some buyers worry that owning bottles might leave them stranded, if technology or standards change. As you own the cylinder you are free to sell it or have other companies fill it. Gas cylinders are a safe investment and have remained a safe standard for decades.

Owning rent free welding gas cylinders makes sense, no matter how much gas you use. The saved money, time, and hassle add up and pay dividends for years to come.

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