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Argon Gas Starters kit, with Cylinder, Gas, Regulator & Hose

Argon Gas Starters Kit We have recently released a new Argon gas kit, which combines all the items you need to get started using Argon in your application. The kit that comes with a small, lightweight and refillable high-pressure cylinder, with your choice of pure Argon or Argon 5/2 gas (sometimes referred to as 'MIG Gas')  an Argon regulator and an inert gas hose. The Argon cylinder is full of gas, 600 litres of compressed Argon (0.6m3). The regulator has a maximum inlet pressure 20000 kpa, and the inert gas hose that is rated to 1500kPa. The gas hose is suitable for Argon, MIG gas, Helium and nitrogen & has fittings on each end that connect directly onto the regulator. The fittings are brass and are a 5/8-18 UNF right-hand thread. NEVER PAY RENT AGAIN So whether you use, or would like to use, Argon in your food, welding, wine or beer application for moulding, purging, blanketing or reducing oxidisation, this Argon gas kit can help you get started. The kits can also be found on ebay. Examples of the C Size cylinder are provided below. The cylinder with the grey top is the Argon 5/2 Mix for MiG welding.  

Argon Gas for Food Preservation

Most people think of welding when they think of argon gas. In fact, argon is a safe, benign gas which can be used to preserve wine, food and historical documents. For some time nitrogen was the ‘go to’ gas when it came to extending the shelf life of packaged goods but scientists have found that argon is actually 4 times more efficient than nitrogen, it is also around 40% denser than air and improves food safety. Thus argon is more effective than nitrogen in keeping food fresher for longer and improving its quality. So how does it work? Gas is used to replace oxygen which not only causes food to oxidise and spoil but allows bacteria to grow. Argon removes the oxygen very efficiently compared to nitrogen as it is denser and is able to more completely fill the spaces around food. Bacteria is starved of oxygen and enzymes that increase the rate of oxidation are inhibited. The use of food grade argon as a preserver does not add anything to the original product, rather it stops it from going bad in a completely safe way. Rent Free Gas is able to supply customers with food grade argon for a multitude of uses including the preservation of food and wine. Our rent free model allows our customers to purchase their own argon cylinder which they will never pay any rent on...ever! The cylinder will come completely full of gas and delivered for free in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Whenever more gas is needed we will simply come out and replace the empty argon cylinder with a full bottle. If a smaller c size cylinder is all you need we can post it to you anywhere in Australia. Give us a call and let one of our friendly team help you out with your argon gas needs today. 

Gas bottles for welding your hobby projects

  Most people buy gas bottles for welding repairs and DIY projects around the home. But have you ever thought about looking to expand your skill set or make a few extra dollars with some side projects you can sell at market? Here are just some of the creative things you can use gas welding for: Tables If you’re looking for a simple project that is guaranteed to make you some money on the side, try buying our gas bottles for welding tables, chairs and stools. Grab your gas bottles for welding these sorts of projects at Rentfreegas, because these are household items that everyone needs. Whether for inside the home or outside the house, you can really explore the creative and skilful side of your welding abilities. Decorations Our gas bottles for welding are also perfect for simple, creative and easy interior decorating projects like light fixtures, picture frames, coat racks and a huge variety of other metal accessories around your home. Artisanal products such as these are really on-trend and creating your own are the perfect way to hone your skills and make some easy hobby dollars because you don’t need a lot of materials and you can get really creative. Horse shoes Really? Buy our gas bottles for welding horse shoes? You heard right: because it’s a great place to start for beginners, and there are plenty of horse lovers who will think the fact you have used gas bottles for welding with horse shoes will look great around their home. We’re talking about things like knick knacks and wine racks, and it’s always going to be easy to come across those horse shoes at a very low price. Garden art Really want to have some creative fun with your gas bottles for welding? Think about expressing your imagination with welded garden art – which is always a big seller at those morning markets and contemporary art fairs. The best thing about using [...]

Saving money with rent free welding gas bottles

In any market, the debate between renting and owning is a struggle. In the current housing market, economists go back and forth about the wisdom of buying when renting could make just as much or more economic sense. Some refuse to buy a new car when a comfortable lease seems to be a great deal. When it comes to your welding gas cylinders, however, it’s clear sense to buy rather than rent. Whether you’re an enthusiast welder or sourcing materials for your business, owning rent free welding gas bottles will save you money every time. Rent free welding gas cylinders make sense If you’re a regular welder, the expense of renting gas cylinders adds up quickly; if you run a garage or machine shop, the costs can be monumental. While a backyard hobbyist might go through a bottle every month or so, a professional welder can easily go through a bottle in a couple of days. On average, the purchase of a gas bottle is the equivalent of between about one or two years of rental. That may sound like a lot, but considering the life of use you’ll get out of a gas cylinder, the figures speak for themselves. Lifetime savings with rent free bottles Industrial gas cylinders need to be retested every 10 years. At that point, they must be hydrostatically tested before they can legally be refilled. As long as they pass testing at that point, the cylinder is good for another 10 years. This is our cost, not yours. Many gas cylinders, given the proper amount of care and maintenance, last for decades. The value-added aspect of having the cylinders delivered and swapped over as opposed to having to constantly haul and exchange rented cylinders, makes the decision to buy significantly more appealing. Some buyers worry that owning bottles might leave them stranded, if technology or standards change. As you own the cylinder you are free to sell it or have [...]