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Argon Gas Bottles & Regulators

Argon Gas Bottle Valves There are many different types of regulators out there with many different suppliers. So there can be confusion about the cylinders, the valves, and what connections and regulators are required. We hope the information below helps reduce the confusion. All Australian approved Argon cylinders have a Type 10 valve and all regulators purchased in Australia should also have a type 10 valve connection. The only difference, for Industrial high-pressure cylinders, is that around 10-12 years ago the valve on the top of the bottles was changed from being vertical (i.e. the open valve was facing the sky), to being horizontal (pointing to the side). This change was made for safety reasons, specifically preventing moisture getting inside the cylinders. So as long as your cylinder is Australian approved as all Rentfreegas and Speedgas cylinders are, then you are ok. Regulators Regulators are used to control the flow of gas from the Argon cylinder to your job or application. The argon regulator allows you to work at a safe, and lower pressure, by reducing the high pressure inside the cylinder to the desired working pressure for welding. Below is an example of one of our regulators that includes a ball valve flow metre, allowing you to set the gas flow to anywhere between 0-25L per minute.             Some of the other gases and there valve outlets are: Gas Valve Type Argon Type 10 Helium Type 10 Oxygen Type 10 Acetylene Type 20 CO2 Type 30 Nitrogen Type 50 Air Type 60 Note: High-pressure Nitrogen cylinders have a Type 51 outlet connection. Check with your gas supplier about what valve type your cylinder comes with.

Gas bottles for welding your hobby projects

  Most people buy gas bottles for welding repairs and DIY projects around the home. But have you ever thought about looking to expand your skill set or make a few extra dollars with some side projects you can sell at market? Here are just some of the creative things you can use gas welding for: Tables If you’re looking for a simple project that is guaranteed to make you some money on the side, try buying our gas bottles for welding tables, chairs and stools. Grab your gas bottles for welding these sorts of projects at Rentfreegas, because these are household items that everyone needs. Whether for inside the home or outside the house, you can really explore the creative and skilful side of your welding abilities. Decorations Our gas bottles for welding are also perfect for simple, creative and easy interior decorating projects like light fixtures, picture frames, coat racks and a huge variety of other metal accessories around your home. Artisanal products such as these are really on-trend and creating your own are the perfect way to hone your skills and make some easy hobby dollars because you don’t need a lot of materials and you can get really creative. Horse shoes Really? Buy our gas bottles for welding horse shoes? You heard right: because it’s a great place to start for beginners, and there are plenty of horse lovers who will think the fact you have used gas bottles for welding with horse shoes will look great around their home. We’re talking about things like knick knacks and wine racks, and it’s always going to be easy to come across those horse shoes at a very low price. Garden art Really want to have some creative fun with your gas bottles for welding? Think about expressing your imagination with welded garden art – which is always a big seller at those morning markets and contemporary art fairs. The best thing about using [...]