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Welding Gas, Pure Argon v Argon Mixtures

Argon Welding Gas Argon gas is commonly used in joining metals together or welding. The purpose of including Argon is to protect and shield the welded area from air, Oxygen and moisture. When any or all of these elements get into the welded area it will oxidise and thus weaken the join. Argon is used because it is firstly inert, or non-reactive so it does not affect the welding process. Other gases that are inert, but that are not as effective as Argon include CO2 and Nitrogen. Nitrogen is reactive at higher pressures and CO2 is used in mixtures with Argon. Secondly, Argon is more commonly used today as it is cheaper than other non-reactive noble gases, such as helium. There are a few types of Argon sold for welding applications. Pure Argon is used for applications including stainless steel, Aluminium and TIG welding of plate, tubing and sheet metal. Pure Argon is also suitable for MIG welding of Aluminium. Argon 5/2 is a mixture of 93% pure Argon with 5% Carbon Dioxide and 2% Oxygen. This blend of gas is a common welding mixture in Australia for MIG welding applications. The Argon 5/2 mix has good general properties around minimising weld spatter, good flow (allowing a fluid weld pool) and helps in creating a good welded appearance on your job. This mixture works well with MIG welding for mild steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel and galvanised steel, where the thickness of the steel is up to around 8-9mm. The addition of the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide into the Argon helps to give the arc more stability, but as mentioned earlier, it also allows the The addition of the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide into the Argon helps to give the arc more stability, but as mentioned earlier, it also allows the welder's pool to be more fluid, giving a nice presentation. Over the years we have also made specific welding mixtures for customers which include [...]

Buy Don’t Rent – Argon Gas Bottles

Buy your Own MIG Gas bottle With the start of the new year individuals, families and organisations often have new years resolutions or new areas of focus. This new year focus is a good thing and given the excesses of Christmas (and perhaps a little overspending), or the pressure from the boss to reduce costs, finding a saving in the new year is normally high on the priority list. One area we can help with is cheap argon. The rentfreegas model, as our name suggests, means you immediately stop paying rental the day you buy your own argon gas bottle. Now that you own your own bottle, with us, the only cost you will have is our cheap refills, no rental and no delivery. To buy your own mig gas bottle all you have to do is call or email us and we look after the rest. The first cost you pay includes the cost of the cylinder, and for a medium sized cylinder (the E size stands up to your waist) say the E size bottle this cost is $460. Thereafter, whenever you need more gas, call, text or email us and we deliver a refill (replacement) bottle full of gas and collect the empty one, and this refill cost for the E size is $160 (nothing more to pay). Prices for all Argon gas bottles (plus GST): Bottle Size First New Cost Refill Cost C bottle - (0.6m3) $220 $75 D bottle - (1.7m3) $360 $110 E bottle - (4m3) $460 $160 G bottle - (8.7m3) $560 $180 Depending on the number of welding gas bottles you purchase and how often you refill them, are the two key items that will help determine how much you can save. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Email: simon@rentfreegas.com.au Phone: 0404 677 187 

Argon gas prices in Australia | Cost of Bottle Ownership

Welding Gas Prices Below are Argon gas price, Oxygen and Argon 5/2 prices. The Argon gas price includes delivery to you. Our Mig gas, which is also called ‘Argon 5/2’ is a mixture of Carbon Dioxide (5%) and Oxygen (2%) in Argon (93%) and we can make up varying mixtures Argon, with CO2 and Oxygen in the same bottle. Mixtures of Argon with helium are also manufactured. Our bottles comply with Australian standards and that means that your existing regulator will fit straight on to the cylinder. All bottles are Speedgas branded and they are full of gas, and our argon gas prices include delivery & GST. Argon gas price and bottle sizes: C Size: New $220 & Refill $75 D Size: New $360 & Refill $110 E Size: New $460 & Refill $160 G Size: New $560 & Refill $180 Delivery is within 30km of CBD in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide. The no rental gas model allows a customer to own an argon gas bottle (cylinder), to avoid the daily and yearly cost of rental. The first cost is higher, as it includes the cost of the cylinder, and then the only ongoing cost is the refill or swap-over cost. The system works in a similar fashion to “swap & Go” with LPG cylinders except that we deliver to you, whether at home or at work. This is an alternative to paying rental on gas bottles for welding gas and the prices are provided so you can do a comparison to see if it works for you. In the comparison make sure you include delivery, rental, handling and all costs.

Welding made easy with MIG gas

Welding using a metal inert gas (MIG) welder is really not difficult. Using a MIG welder is easy with the right MIG gas. Plenty of MIG gas options MIG welding is a simple, easy and popular welding process that uses electricity and MIG gas to melt and join metal. Luckily, when it comes to picking the right gas to use, there are plenty of options. Why do you need MIG gas? You need MIG gas in order to shield the weld from the air. But it’s not just the case of picking a MIG gas randomly. Basically, you need to make the right choice of MIG gas to: Determine the depth of the weld Determine the characteristics of the welding arc Determine the weld’s mechanical properties. How to get your gas choice right Rent Free Gas can help advise you as to what is the best MIG gas to use in your particular case. Argon can be used for your MIG welding, especially for steel and aluminium, and Argon 5-2 is also great for mild steel welding. Some other common MIG gases are CO2 and Oxygen, with Helium being the least common. Often, these gases will be fixed together, although Argon and carbon dioxide can be used as a pure MIG gas. In many cases, up to three MIG gases can be combined; typically Argon, CO2 and Helium, or Argon, CO2 and O2. Pure CO2 as a MIG gas can produce the deepest penetrating welds, although the welds can also be rough. A MIG gas made up of CO2 and Argon is very popular, although if you are welding stainless steel, the best MIG gas mix is probably mostly Argon and CO2. MIG gas advantages Welding with MIG gas is great, because: Welding a large number of metals and thicknesses is easy The welt bead is good Weld splatter is minimised Welding with MIG gas is easy to learn and master. MIG gas disadvantages Welding with [...]

Common uses of welding gas bottles

Rent free welding gas bottles are the easy and more cost-effective way to complete your welding projects. If you currently rent a bottle, but you don't have any welding projects on your bench for a month or two, you're literally wasting money every day. Make the easy leap to buying your own bottle, because rent free welding gas bottles are the answer! Common welding gas bottles and their uses: Argon Argon is used as an inert shielding gas, protecting your weld from contamination from the air. By properly using an Argon rent free welding gas bottle, typically used for a TIG welder, you ensure that air will not come in contact with the molten weld puddle and react with the metal. Argon 5-2 Different to Argon rent free welding gas bottles, Argon 5-2 can be used when you are welding mild steel, in the form of MIG welding. Basically, Argon 5-2 rent free welding gas bottles contain a mix of Argon and also CO2 and Oxygen. Oxygen Oxygen rent free welding gas bottles are used for what is called Oxygen & LPG welding (or Oxyacetylene), otherwise known as Oxy-fuel welding. Basically, this means you are using the oxygen in your rent free welding gas bottle as the combustion method. It's also great for bending, heating, surfacing and brazing, as the welder has a lot of control over the heat. CO2 Did you know that CO2 rent free welding gas bottles are most commonly used as a reactive gas for MIG welding, and are the only ones that can be used without an inert gas? CO2 rent free welding gas bottles are also a very inexpensive shielding gas, and provide for deep weld penetrations useful for welding thick materials. Nitrogen Another inert gas, like Argon or C02, is nitrogen, which in the form of a rent free welding gas bottle means you eradicate oxygen from the welding environment and prevent oxidation. Nitrogen rent free welding gas bottles are increasingly popular [...]

Rent free welding gas bottles: the benefits

As most who have experience with welding gas bottles will know, rent can quickly start adding up. This is the case whether you’re  using them intermittently or every day. The following reasons are the 3 major benefits to choosing a rent free welding gas bottle for all your metalworking needs. 1. Catering for professionals and the home handyman Renting a welding gas bottle may be a viable option for an amateur metalworker performing one-off projects. However, if your use is consistent, then the benefits start to disappear. With renting, you keep it around for the days you do need it, but the days you don’t you’ll be paying for it anyway. This is a waste of money that could be better spent. By purchasing a rent free welding gas bottle, you’ll pay a one off cost, and apart from re-fills, the days you’re not using it, you won’t pay a cent, leaving you much better off in the long run. 2. Rent free welding gas bottles for different types of gas One week, you’re paying rent on an argon gas cylinder, the next oxygen, then CO2 and helium. At times, if you choose to rent, you’ll find yourself needing multiple types at once, and paying likewise. If you know which cylinders you need, you can purchase them outright. Therefore, on the weeks you need two types, you will have two ready to go, without the complicated processes of returning and renting cylinders on a consistent basis. This will save you ample amounts of time and money, making your metal working experience easier and stress free. 3. Domestic shipping Welding gas bottles can be quite heavy. Many rental places require you, the customer, to pick up and return the goods, or come with ridiculously high shipping costs. By purchasing a welding gas bottle outright, we come to you and we have one price. When your cylinder is empty we come back again, collect the empty and replace it with a [...]

Argon and helium gas welding

Why argon and helium gas welding is important When welding, particularly arc welding, it is key that your use some form of shielding or welding gas. Argon and helium gas welding provides more suitable conditions for the welding arc by protecting it from the damaging effects of the surrounding air. If a welding arc comes into contact with heated metal, the oxygen will begin to oxidise the metal. Additionally, nitrogen or moisture in the air might cause the welding to become porous or brittle. All of these factors are undesirable when creating strong, durable welding joints. The presence of welding gas thus improves the surface appearance and geometry of welds, while ensuring arc stability and increased metal transfer. Welding gases also burn off alloying elements and oxide formation on the bead surface. By using welding gas you can increase your overall welding speed. Should I be welding with argon gas or helium gas? The two most common forms of shielding gas are argon and helium (or a mixture of the two). Argon is a naturally occurring non-flammable and non-toxic gas that is colourless, odourless and chemically inert. Argon is particularly effective in protecting weld sites from detrimental atmospheric influences, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and water particles. As such, Argon is commonly used in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes, which often cause non-reactive materials to become reactive. Argon is the best gas for shielding tungsten arc welding with an alternating current (AC). It provides extremely stable and quick starting arcs as well as cleaner welds. Argon gas is also the most commonly used shielding gas for welding aluminium. Pure helium, on the other hand, is used more commonly in direct current electrode negative (DCEN) gas tungsten arc machine welding. Pure helium provides high heats which result in fast welding speeds and deeply penetrating welds. This is particularly useful when creating full penetration butt welds, which are only welded from one side. Argon and helium mixtures also produce high [...]

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Rent free welding gas for all your DIY needs

Do you find that obtaining the gas you want for high calibre home welding is a challenge? Perhaps you’re struggling to find top quality gases in the quantities you need. In these circumstances, why not opt for the rent free welding gas we provide? Rather than having to drive miles to source the gas you’re after, only to find that the size or type you want isn’t in stock, why not use our hassle free, economical service to obtain the gas you need to get the job done properly? Argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide In addition to selling these gases separately, we also stock an argon/oxygen/carbon dioxide 5:2 mixture. Ideal for MIG (metal inert gas) welding, we have over 30,000 cylinders in the market at the moment. Oxygen is well-known to improve the arc and reduce metal tension, giving better results than simply using argon on its own. For TIG welding on stainless steel or aluminium, we recommend pure argon to get the right outcomes. Range of different sizes to meet your needs We know that if you’ve only got a small welding job to do, there’s no point in buying an enormous cylinder of gas. Our smallest size, C, can usually be dispatched to you using Australia mail – no fuss and no rental, and it’ll be with you quickly. For larger sizes (D, E and G), we can provide delivery within 25km of the CBD in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. We supply gas regulators and other equipment If you haven’t got all the necessary equipment to get your welding job completed successfully, we can help. We stock a wide range of welding essentials which we are happy to supply if needed and if we don’t have the goods we will direct you to one of our partners who will have it. If we deliver in your area, we will drop them off at the same time as your gas, saving you time and [...]

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