As most who have experience with welding gas bottles will know, rent can quickly start adding up. This is the case whether you’re  using them intermittently or every day. The following reasons are the 3 major benefits to choosing a rent free welding gas bottle for all your metalworking needs.

1. Catering for professionals and the home handyman

Renting a welding gas bottle may be a viable option for an amateur metalworker performing one-off projects. However, if your use is consistent, then the benefits start to disappear. With renting, you keep it around for the days you do need it, but the days you don’t you’ll be paying for it anyway. This is a waste of money that could be better spent. By purchasing a rent free welding gas bottle, you’ll pay a one off cost, and apart from re-fills, the days you’re not using it, you won’t pay a cent, leaving you much better off in the long run.

2. Rent free welding gas bottles for different types of gas

One week, you’re paying rent on an argon gas cylinder, the next oxygen, then CO2 and helium. At times, if you choose to rent, you’ll find yourself needing multiple types at once, and paying likewise. If you know which cylinders you need, you can purchase them outright. Therefore, on the weeks you need two types, you will have two ready to go, without the complicated processes of returning and renting cylinders on a consistent basis. This will save you ample amounts of time and money, making your metal working experience easier and stress free.

3. Domestic shipping

Welding gas bottles can be quite heavy. Many rental places require you, the customer, to pick up and return the goods, or come with ridiculously high shipping costs. By purchasing a welding gas bottle outright, we come to you and we have one price. When your cylinder is empty we come back again, collect the empty and replace it with a full cylinder, all for the refill cost. Our delivery region extends to the metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

For most users, the benefits more than justify the extra initial cost of purchasing a rent free gas cylinder. In fact, for most, renting would eventually end up costing more, so while you may perceive that you’re saving money by renting, this won’t continue in the long run.

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