Do you find that obtaining the gas you want for high calibre home welding is a challenge? Perhaps you’re struggling to find top quality gases in the quantities you need. In these circumstances, why not opt for the rent free welding gas we provide? Rather than having to drive miles to source the gas you’re after, only to find that the size or type you want isn’t in stock, why not use our hassle free, economical service to obtain the gas you need to get the job done properly?

Argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide

In addition to selling these gases separately, we also stock an argon/oxygen/carbon dioxide 5:2 mixture. Ideal for MIG (metal inert gas) welding, we have over 30,000 cylinders in the market at the moment. Oxygen is well-known to improve the arc and reduce metal tension, giving better results than simply using argon on its own. For TIG welding on stainless steel or aluminium, we recommend pure argon to get the right outcomes.

Range of different sizes to meet your needs

We know that if you’ve only got a small welding job to do, there’s no point in buying an enormous cylinder of gas. Our smallest size, C, can usually be dispatched to you using Australia mail – no fuss and no rental, and it’ll be with you quickly. For larger sizes (D, E and G), we can provide delivery within 25km of the CBD in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.

We supply gas regulators and other equipment

If you haven’t got all the necessary equipment to get your welding job completed successfully, we can help. We stock a wide range of welding essentials which we are happy to supply if needed and if we don’t have the goods we will direct you to one of our partners who will have it. If we deliver in your area, we will drop them off at the same time as your gas, saving you time and money.

Rent free welding gas from Rent Free Gas

We are a well-established company that specialises in providing rent free welding gas suitable for individual and business use. Our aim is to provide an expert, friendly service and we will always go the extra mile to give our customers the premium products and exceptional customer care they deserve. For more information please call us today on 1300 792 603.