Welding is a breeze with Sydney based Rent Free Gas, as we listened to what you want and don’t charge for delivery or rental. If you need argon to complete your project, get your rent free welding gas bottles from Rent Free Gas and you will own rather than rent your cylinder.

Argon is used in both Mig and Tig welding, due to it being an inert gas it is ideal for operating as a shielding gas. Argon protectively shields the electric arc from contaminants, but other rent free welding gas bottles that are also helpful for your welding projects and solutions are helium and CO2.


Rent Free Gas also has your rent free welding gas bottles for your oxygen welding projects. Oxy-acetylene welding is one of the fundamental welding techniques, burning with an intense and focused flame. To complete your project you will need your very own welding gas bottles containing oxygen bought from Rent Free Gas.


If you are going to complete a Mig welding project, one of Rentfreegas’ rent free welding gas bottles containing CO2 will more than certainly be on your shopping list.

That’s because carbon dioxide is the most common reactive gas used for this kind of welding, because it can be used in its very useful 100% form that doesn’t require the use of an additional inert gas.

Rent free welding gas bottles for Mig welding are also inexpensive when welding with CO2, so keep your costs low by turning to Rent Free Gas.


Rent Free Gas wants to give you the best rent free welding gas bottles as well as the best welding tips, so take our advice and do your aluminium welding with a pure Argon. You can also purchase a 50-50 mix of argon and helium which is good for Aluminium welding, but it is more expensive due to high helium content.

If you find your aluminium welding difficult, add a rent free welding gas bottle full of helium to the recipe and get your project done faster and easier.

Rent free welding gas bottles

Rent Free Gas is the ultimate destination to get the rent free welding gas bottles you need to complete any project, from DIY home projects to all and any trade and commercial purpose. Call us today on 1300 792 603 to see how we can help you with supplying the gas you need.