Stop ignoring your bottle rental costs

No More Welding Gas Bottle Rental Fees. Time and time again we talk to gas users who are fed up with the ridiculous rental fees they are paying on their gas cylinders. So many people feel locked in because they are unaware they can buy their own bottles and have them filled and swapped over easily without ever having to pay rent again. There are concerns about the initial cost, and whether it is cheaper to rent in the long run or if a customer will always be able to get their own cylinder refilled, or will they be stuck with it after a few years and then have to return to the rental system. If you work the numbers it is clear that paying rent only benefits one party and that certainly is not the end customer. Large gas companies have high costs which must be passed onto their customers in order for them to achieve their profits. Rental charges on bottles are a great profit generator for the gas companies. There is no advantage for you in the short or long term. They use scaremongering tactics to convince you it is in your best interests to continue paying rent. All gas companies should conduct tests on the cylinders and they include, visual, Hydro and ultrasonic testing. So regardless of who the gas company is they must provide a safe cylinder for the customer. Smaller gas companies like Rent Free Gas are in a unique position with lower overheads, more efficient customer service and simple delivery methods which mean we can offer you a whole new way of buying and using gas. We don’t need to charge you rent, we don’t want to charge you rent. We want to provide you with a competitive gas supply option that is fair. One of the main queries we receive is whether we will always be here to refill your bottle. Rentfreegas has been going for nearly [...]