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Nitrogen Gas and Air Conditioning Market

Australian Refrigeration Council & Nitrogen Gas The rentfreegas nitrogen kit comes with Nitrogen gas, a regulator (0-1000kpa) and a pressure rated inert gas hose, has been designed to put the necessary components together so that our customers can purchase everything they require to get started in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. If you require a higher pressure regulator between 2000-6000kpa we have those in stock as well. Some customers are using the nitrogen for cold brew coffee applications and plastics welding, whilst other customers are using it to pressurise and pure oxygen out of food lines, or in brewing applications. More recently we have had customers purchase the kit to help them comply with the Australian Refrigeration Council requirements for their refrigerant handling licence (RHL). The ARC site states that: “Where the RHL (Refrigerant Handling Licence) holder uses dry nitrogen to test equipment to detect leaks, reference must be made to the vehicle manufacturer’s service guidelines” The Australian Refrigeration Council states that all companies or individuals that hold a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation under the Australian Government’s Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 will have a permit condition check conducted by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC)  also have some forms or document templates that help you as an RHL holder report on the necessary elements of the audit and maintain the proper records. We have attached a link below to the auditing requirements. Link below….  

HVAC Nitrogen Regulators

Nitrogen Regulators for Refrigeration & HVAC Industry High Pressure & High Flow Regulator The single stage high flow Nitrogen regulator (below) with Side Entry and Type 50 valve outlet we supply is supported locally and designed for high-pressure testing in the Refrigeration, Heating and air conditioning market. The maximum flow rate is 150m3 per hour, the maximum inlet pressure is 30,000kPa and the maximum outlet pressure is 6000kPa. The pressure gauges comply with Australian Standards (AS 4706). The regulator comes with a safety relief valve and gauge protectors around the outsides of the pressure gauges.   Discounted to $350 delivered (excludes WA)       Standard Nitrogen Regulator (below) The second regulator option is 0-1000kPa single stage, side-entry regulator with dual valves and Type 50 outlet connection. The first gauge, nearest the cylinder connection, allows monitoring of the cylinder contents and the second gauge (to the right of the first gauge) on the low-pressure side, allows you to reduce the pressure to the desired working pressure for your process. Discounted to $99.00 (free delivery)         Nitrogen Gas Bottles We can also supply nitrogen in high-pressure bottles (200bar) that stand 55cm tall, weigh 6kg and contain 500 litres of compressed Nitrogen to most places in Australia. The cylinders connect directly to the regulators above. Please remember that disposable nitrogen cylinders have a different connection and therefore require a different regulator. Thank you  

Nitrogen Regulators – Special Price

Nitrogen Regulators - Reduced Price  We have been able to negotiate some competitive pricing on our Nitrogen regulators and we would like to pass these savings directly back to our customers. So for a limited time, we are offering the Nitrogen regulators at the following discounted price.  The regulators have standard Australian cylinder connection for Nitrogen, which is a Type 50 outlet, which means that the regulators will fit directly on to your existing cylinder. If you don't have a cylinder, email or call us as we have 2 possible options to help you obtain a bottle of Nitrogen. The regulators are single stage with side-entry, and are for use with Australian approved Nitrogen cylinders.   Nitrogen regulator - $94.00 (includes free delivery). Single stage brass regulator with dual valves, and maximum inlet pressure of 20,000 kPa     If you would like to buy multiples of each then please give me a call and we can work on a discount for you. Kind regards, Simon - 0404 677 187