HVAC Nitrogen Regulators

Nitrogen Regulators for Refrigeration & HVAC Industry High Pressure & High Flow Regulator The single stage high flow Nitrogen regulator (below) with Side Entry and Type 50 valve outlet we supply is supported locally and designed for high-pressure testing in the Refrigeration, Heating and air conditioning market. The maximum flow rate is 150m3 per hour, the maximum inlet pressure is 30,000kPa and the maximum outlet pressure is 6000kPa. The pressure gauges comply with Australian Standards (AS 4706). The regulator comes with a safety relief valve and gauge protectors around the outsides of the pressure gauges.   Discounted to $350 delivered (excludes WA)       Standard Nitrogen Regulator (below) The second regulator option is 0-1000kPa single stage, side-entry regulator with dual valves and Type 50 outlet connection. The first gauge, nearest the cylinder connection, allows monitoring of the cylinder contents and the second gauge (to the right of the first gauge) on the low-pressure side, allows you to reduce the pressure to the desired working pressure for your process. Discounted to $99.00 (free delivery)         Nitrogen Gas Bottles We can also supply nitrogen in high-pressure bottles (200bar) that stand 55cm tall, weigh 6kg and contain 500 litres of compressed Nitrogen to most places in Australia. The cylinders connect directly to the regulators above. Please remember that disposable nitrogen cylinders have a different connection and therefore require a different regulator. Thank you