Dry Nitrogen Tank with No rent

HVAC businesses in Australia can now access Nitrogen in many forms.

They can purchase industrial high-pressure cylinders from the big gas companies like BOC, they can purchase disposable nitrogen bottles from Bunnings and they can also purchase rent free Nitrogen tanks from various suppliers.Even customers in remote Australian regions have access to C size high-pressure Nitrogen bottle that comes to your door via TNT or Australia Post.

The key in deciding what cylinder size, supplier or model to use (that is, whether to rent or buy a bottle) is to understand how much gas you use and then look at the volume of the each cylinder, whether disposable or high-pressure.

Option 1 – If for example you only use small amounts of nitrogen (say 2m3 p.a.) then the investment in a disposable nitrogen regulator  (approx. $70) and disposable cylinders  (approx. $400) could be the most cost means of buying nitrogen. Please remember that these regulators for disposable cylinders, do not work with Industrial high-pressure cylinders, which have a Type 50 valve outlet. Outlets like Bunnings sell disposable nitrogen cylinders.

Option 2 – If however, you use a medium (for example 2m3-10m3) amount of Nitrogen then a rent free Nitrogen bottle could be the most cost effective means of buying Nitrogen, (expected cost $550). Regulators cost between $100 for 0-1000kPa or $350 for the high pressure & high flow regulator.

Option 3 – If you are a large user of Nitrogen and have service vehicles on the road, then the most cost effective way to purchase Nitrogen might be through someone like BOC where the cost of gas is cheaper, and the rental costs balance out with buying your own bottle.

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