Offer Expired – We refill and swap over Power 10 Cylinders Sydney.

Offer ended June 2019 Power 10 Refill Sydney - Argon & Oxygen Only As Rentfreegas continues to grow it's market share welding gas consumers will only benefit. Another new benefit is that we can now swap over Power10 cylinders as we refill them locally. Recently SpeedGas announced that they can refill Power 10 cylinders, so now Power10 welding gas bottles may be refilled or swapped for a Speedgas cylinder of equivalent size and type. Available gases and bottle sizes are listed below along with the corresponding price Oxygen & Argon Cylinders Speedgas Power10 D Cylinder Oxygen $90 Speedgas Power10 E Cylinder Oxygen $150 Speedgas Power10 G Cylinder Oxygen $180 Unfortunately we cannot swap over Power10 Acetylene cylinders. If you have any questions please call us on 0404 677 187, or email us at Regards Simon.