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How Do I buy Nitrogen Gas?

Buying Nitrogen Gas  & Own your Cylinder - Sydney  There are many suppliers of Nitrogen gas in Australia. The large gas companies, such as BOC (Linde), Coregas, Supagas & Air Liquide all supply cylinders of Nitrogen. But now you can also buy nitrogen bottles as well as gas. Rentfreegas and Speedgas will sell you a nitrogen bottle, with gas and deliver it to you, within 24-48 hours if you are in Sydney. When that cylinder is empty we come out to collect it, and swap it over, for a full bottle. This swap system works well for cafes, tyre shops, and most nitrogen users in Sydney. Purchasing a cylinder allows you to reduce the cost of paying cylinder rental, never pay rent any more! This "rent free" model helps customers save money on cylinder rental (also referred to as, container service charges). Nitrogen is an inert gas that has many applications across the air conditioning industry, food industry, beverage industry (that is, beer, wine & soft drink) and many industrial applications, including tyres, tools, paint-ball, purging and so on. This shows the versatility of Nitrogen. Our Nitrogen is food grade (99%) and our Sydney prices are below. Nitrogen Sydney Delivered Prices New Full Bottle Refill Bottle C 0.5m3 $220 $70 D 1.6m3 $320 $90 E 4m3 $390 $110 G 8m3 $440 $130 Our Nitrogen bottle prices include the cylinder, gas, GST & delivery in Sydney. New regulators,  We have new regulators available that are single stage, side entry, with dual gauges (high and low pressure) and have a non-return valve with a standard Nitrogen fitting (this is a Type 50 outlet), the inlet pressure is 20,000kPa and outlet pressure is 1000kPa. In Sydney we can do these regulators for $60+GST delivered to you. For interstate customer's the price is $70+GST delivered. Call us now if you have any questions - 0404 677 187.

Where can I purchase nitrogen gas?

When it comes to the question of where to get nitrogen gas, you can't go past Rent Free Gas. Renting a cylinder may seem like the obvious option, but think about it – do you really want to be paying every month for something that might sit in your shed for a year? Rent Free Gas is where to get nitrogen gas cylinders that are yours to keep. Where does nitrogen come from? Every time you breathe, you're inhaling mainly nitrogen. Where to get nitrogen gas? It's literally everywhere! Nitrogen makes up almost 80 percent of the earth's atmosphere. Where to get nitrogen gas for your projects Nitrogen may be everywhere, but we know that's not what you're really thinking. The question really is 'where do I get nitrogen gas so I can use it for my DIY, commercial and industrial applications?' Before we can recommend where to get nitrogen gas at great prices and without even paying for delivery in metro areas, let's take a look at how that nitrogen gets in the cylinder in the first place. How nitrogen gas gets in those cylinders The process of extracting nitrogen from the air and separating it for you to use is called 'fractional distillation'. First, the air is filtered so that particles like dust are removed. Next, it is cooled in several different stages until it reaches the temperature of minus 200 C. At this temperature, 'air' is not really 'air' anymore – it's liquid. When that air turns into liquid, water vapour is removed with absorbing filters. At about minus 80 C, C02 freezes, so that's easy to remove. And because oxygen turns into liquid at a slightly warmer temperature than nitrogen, it's not too hard to separate them. Nitrogen gas from Rent Free Gas The most common use of our nitrogen gas cylinders is welding, and it's great for purging and blanketing but it's also a great way to reliably and efficiently inflate [...]

Nitrogen gas bottle uses… more than just welding!

Welding with a nitrogen gas bottle For stainless steel tube welding, a nitrogen gas bottle is a perfect purge gas. You probably require nitrogen for your DIY welding projects or for your nitrogen plastics welding system, but you may not be aware that it has so many other uses. Nitrogen, whose symbol is N or N2, makes up no less than 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. It has no colour, odour, taste or toxicity and it is not flammable. It was officially isolated in the 18th century, but scientists knew about this element – crucial to biological life – long before this. The uses of a nitrogen are endless! You will be amazed at just how many uses a nitrogen gas bottle has. Use this versatile inert gas to superbly inflate tyres, improving tyre life and also minimising the risk of tyre blowouts. Or use your nitrogen to mix it with CO2 for your beer making. In the form of a nitrogen gas bottle, N2 is a seriously handy gas. It can be used in food packaging, wine making, air conditioning and scientific testing – and that's just the start of the possible uses. Nitrogen gas bottles are commonly used in industry for blanketing or purging, which involves the removal of unwanted or unstable gases or compounds, while nitrogen is also used to control the temperature of computer CPUs and for making light bulbs. Ever played with a paintball gun? Nitrogen have been used to supply the power source, even if you may think that carbon dioxide is the obvious choice. A nitrogen gas bottle can also be used for plasma cutting and in combination with argon for a shielding gas. Nitrogen is also used in combination with CO2 in cold brewing coffee. Whatever you need a nitrogen gas bottle for, you can be sure that, here at Rent Free Gas, we have all your requirements covered. Give us a call 0404 677 187  today.

Why are the world’s nitrogen sales so high?

Nitrogen sales throughout the world are higher than you might imagine, with this abundant chemical element being a crucial component to life on earth. It’s found not just in many everyday situations, but in every single living thing, with nitrogen sales not limited to usage in foods, fertilisers, poisons and explosives. Nitrogen uses across different industries Nitrogen is used in many industries, with this naturally occurring, extremely abundant, colourless and odourless component also coming in a liquid form which looks similar to water. Many nitrogen uses relate to the production of ammonia, which accounts for most of the world’s manufacturing of various fertilisers. Nitrogen is also used in the production of refrigerant gases, the manufacture of plastics and textiles, and in cleaning solutions used in households across the world. Food production Through the production of fertilisers, nitrogen sales also contribute directly to the world’s production of crops and food. Nitrogen has important health benefits, too, as almost all pharmacological drugs contain this substance. Nitrogen is also used by the health industry in the form of nitrous oxide as an anaesthetic, while in the gas form it helps to conserve egg, blood and sperm specimens. Nitrogen gas is also used to help respiratory patients, in a combination with oxygen to make it healthy to breathe. Computer industries also contribute to the world’s nitrogen sales, as microchips utilise it for cooling. Entertainment & military uses Entertainment also contributes to nitrogen sales, as most paintball guns are now powered by this gas rather than carbon dioxide. And nitrogen sales also keep high performance motor racing and aircraft tyres on track and performing to their highest standard. Nitrogen is also connected with the military, with some aircraft fuel systems utilising it, while it is also commonly used in steel production. Nitrogen sales makes good sense Most nitrogen sales are connected with industry use. It is very effective in destroying toxic liquids and vapours, and as a catalyst, a bleaching agent and rocket [...]

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