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Introducing New Nitrogen Gas Kit

Nitrogen Gas, Regulator and Hose Kit Nitrogen Gas & Reg Kit We have recently put together a Nitrogen gas kit, which includes a new refillable bottle full of gas, with a new Nitrogen regulator (Type 50 valve outlet) and an inert gas hose rated to 1500kpa.  The kit price also includes GST and delivery to you, so for $310 you can own a refillable gas cylinder, regulator and hose, delivered to you. In some kits we have already supplied customers, they requested for us to attach a simple low-pressure air gun with a trigger mechanism to the other end of the hose. The airgun allows customers to pulse quick or long bursts of nitrogen into bottles, bags and food containers for purging, or to fill other items and balloons quickly. Nitrogen is used in many areas and industries, some of these include, automotive for filling car tyres, food & wine preservation, welding, aviation, fire protection, refrigeration, fumigation, and for purging lines, oxygen depletion, plastics welding and much more.     Once you own your own Nitrogen gas bottle, you never pay cylinder rental again. When the bottle is empty you place it back into the box it arrived in and return it through the post, then purchase your C size cylinder 'refill' from our store at which costs $70. Then the following day we send you a full bottle. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. Regards, Phone: 0404 677 187

How Do I buy Nitrogen Gas?

Buying Nitrogen Gas  & Own your Cylinder - Sydney  There are many suppliers of Nitrogen gas in Australia. The large gas companies, such as BOC (Linde), Coregas, Supagas & Air Liquide all supply cylinders of Nitrogen. But now you can also buy nitrogen bottles as well as gas. Rentfreegas and Speedgas will sell you a nitrogen bottle, with gas and deliver it to you, within 24-48 hours if you are in Sydney. When that cylinder is empty we come out to collect it, and swap it over, for a full bottle. This swap system works well for cafes, tyre shops, and most nitrogen users in Sydney. Purchasing a cylinder allows you to reduce the cost of paying cylinder rental, never pay rent any more! This "rent free" model helps customers save money on cylinder rental (also referred to as, container service charges). Nitrogen is an inert gas that has many applications across the air conditioning industry, food industry, beverage industry (that is, beer, wine & soft drink) and many industrial applications, including tyres, tools, paint-ball, purging and so on. This shows the versatility of Nitrogen. Our Nitrogen is food grade (99%) and our Sydney prices are below. Nitrogen Sydney Delivered Prices New Full Bottle Refill Bottle C 0.5m3 $220 $70 D 1.6m3 $320 $90 E 4m3 $390 $110 G 8m3 $440 $130 Our Nitrogen bottle prices include the cylinder, gas, GST & delivery in Sydney. New regulators,  We have new regulators available that are single stage, side entry, with dual gauges (high and low pressure) and have a non-return valve with a standard Nitrogen fitting (this is a Type 50 outlet), the inlet pressure is 20,000kPa and outlet pressure is 1000kPa. In Sydney we can do these regulators for $60+GST delivered to you. For interstate customer's the price is $70+GST delivered. Call us now if you have any questions - 0404 677 187.