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Our gas delivery makes your project easy

When it comes to all of the home, commercial and industrial projects that are on your 'to do' list, we know how important they are to you, your family and your business. So whether it's argon, O2, CO2, nitrogen or helium that you need to see you through, fast and efficient gas delivery is what we supply without question. Argon Argon is a popular gas used as a shielding agent in aluminium and steel welding, whether your project requires the TIG or MIG process. If you need argon, we do your gas delivery either by Australia Post for small cylinders, or we'll deliver the larger cylinders right to your door ourselves, provided you are within 30km of the CBD in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide. Oxygen We also do gas delivery for your applications that require oxygen. Most of the time, you'll want your oxygen for the flexibility of the burning flame – but it may be that you won't want to use O2 every day. If that's the case, then renting makes little sense, because those renting costs quickly add up. If you get your delivery from Rent Free Gas, you will have your very own gas cylinder, which means you can forget all about rental fees. CO2 If delivery of CO2 is what you desire, you could be wanting it for a huge range of various and innovative applications. It is relevant for many DIY, commercial, hospitality and industrial uses, but whatever you need it for, efficient and speedy delivery is a key to getting that project done right. Luckily, our delivery options have you covered, because we either post it to almost every postcode in Australia, or deliver it ourselves to any place within 30kms of the capital cities (excluding WA) . Nitrogen Just like argon, oxygen and CO2 gas delivery, we're passionate about getting nitrogen to you as well. It helps our customers in so many ways, from small home applications to the [...]

Nitrogen gas bottle uses… more than just welding!

Welding with a nitrogen gas bottle For stainless steel tube welding, a nitrogen gas bottle is a perfect purge gas. You probably require nitrogen for your DIY welding projects or for your nitrogen plastics welding system, but you may not be aware that it has so many other uses. Nitrogen, whose symbol is N or N2, makes up no less than 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. It has no colour, odour, taste or toxicity and it is not flammable. It was officially isolated in the 18th century, but scientists knew about this element – crucial to biological life – long before this. The uses of a nitrogen are endless! You will be amazed at just how many uses a nitrogen gas bottle has. Use this versatile inert gas to superbly inflate tyres, improving tyre life and also minimising the risk of tyre blowouts. Or use your nitrogen to mix it with CO2 for your beer making. In the form of a nitrogen gas bottle, N2 is a seriously handy gas. It can be used in food packaging, wine making, air conditioning and scientific testing – and that's just the start of the possible uses. Nitrogen gas bottles are commonly used in industry for blanketing or purging, which involves the removal of unwanted or unstable gases or compounds, while nitrogen is also used to control the temperature of computer CPUs and for making light bulbs. Ever played with a paintball gun? Nitrogen have been used to supply the power source, even if you may think that carbon dioxide is the obvious choice. A nitrogen gas bottle can also be used for plasma cutting and in combination with argon for a shielding gas. Nitrogen is also used in combination with CO2 in cold brewing coffee. Whatever you need a nitrogen gas bottle for, you can be sure that, here at Rent Free Gas, we have all your requirements covered. Give us a call 0404 677 187  today.