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Nitrogen Gas Delivery

Nitrogen Gas Cylinder Delivery in Sydney When you own one of our Nitrogen gas bottles or a Speedgas Nitrogen gas cylinder, you can stop paying rent immediately. If we give you a refill price, there is no more to pay, there are no other costs. We cannot refill BOC, ALA, Supagas or Coregas cylinders. We cannot refill BOC, ALA, Supagas or Coregas cylinders. Our customer base is growing very quickly and the two main reasons for this are that we keep things simple (for example, no invoicing issues), and also because we are saving our customers money. We ask you to think about how long you have had a cylinder sitting in the workshop, garage, factory, shed or office? If the answer is a long time (more than a few years) to that question, then you should send the bottle back to your supplier and buy a bottle of your own. Information provided from customers who have purchased their own bottle (that comes with no rent and no delivery), is that after about 12-14 months they have saved money. Their rental costs vary between $10-$25 per month which is $120-$300 - just for rental. So once you add in the gas cost on top of that rental, you are normally in front after 1 year. The next key question is how often you refill that Nitrogen bottle? If your answer is not very often (let's say a few times per year) then you should definitely review your refill costs and give us a call. We will match the big guy's price, and do a deal to get you saving money today. There are no tricks or hidden costs with Rentfreegas and Speedgas, we are a small and nimble AUSTRALIAN business that wants to talk to you and help you with great service, and also help you lower your nitrogen costs. If you would like more information about rent free gas bottles or how to lower industrial gas costs in your business, feel [...]

Our gas delivery makes your project easy

When it comes to all of the home, commercial and industrial projects that are on your 'to do' list, we know how important they are to you, your family and your business. So whether it's argon, O2, CO2, nitrogen or helium that you need to see you through, fast and efficient gas delivery is what we supply without question. Argon Argon is a popular gas used as a shielding agent in aluminium and steel welding, whether your project requires the TIG or MIG process. If you need argon, we do your gas delivery either by Australia Post for small cylinders, or we'll deliver the larger cylinders right to your door ourselves, provided you are within 30km of the CBD in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide. Oxygen We also do gas delivery for your applications that require oxygen. Most of the time, you'll want your oxygen for the flexibility of the burning flame – but it may be that you won't want to use O2 every day. If that's the case, then renting makes little sense, because those renting costs quickly add up. If you get your delivery from Rent Free Gas, you will have your very own gas cylinder, which means you can forget all about rental fees. CO2 If delivery of CO2 is what you desire, you could be wanting it for a huge range of various and innovative applications. It is relevant for many DIY, commercial, hospitality and industrial uses, but whatever you need it for, efficient and speedy delivery is a key to getting that project done right. Luckily, our delivery options have you covered, because we either post it to almost every postcode in Australia, or deliver it ourselves to any place within 30kms of the capital cities (excluding WA) . Nitrogen Just like argon, oxygen and CO2 gas delivery, we're passionate about getting nitrogen to you as well. It helps our customers in so many ways, from small home applications to the [...]