Nitrogen sales throughout the world are higher than you might imagine, with this abundant chemical element being a crucial component to life on earth. It’s found not just in many everyday situations, but in every single living thing, with nitrogen sales not limited to usage in foods, fertilisers, poisons and explosives.

Nitrogen uses across different industries

Nitrogen is used in many industries, with this naturally occurring, extremely abundant, colourless and odourless component also coming in a liquid form which looks similar to water.

Many nitrogen uses relate to the production of ammonia, which accounts for most of the world’s manufacturing of various fertilisers. Nitrogen is also used in the production of refrigerant gases, the manufacture of plastics and textiles, and in cleaning solutions used in households across the world.

Food production

Through the production of fertilisers, nitrogen sales also contribute directly to the world’s production of crops and food. Nitrogen has important health benefits, too, as almost all pharmacological drugs contain this substance.

Nitrogen is also used by the health industry in the form of nitrous oxide as an anaesthetic, while in the gas form it helps to conserve egg, blood and sperm specimens. Nitrogen gas is also used to help respiratory patients, in a combination with oxygen to make it healthy to breathe. Computer industries also contribute to the world’s nitrogen sales, as microchips utilise it for cooling.

Entertainment & military uses

Entertainment also contributes to nitrogen sales, as most paintball guns are now powered by this gas rather than carbon dioxide. And nitrogen sales also keep high performance motor racing and aircraft tyres on track and performing to their highest standard.

Nitrogen is also connected with the military, with some aircraft fuel systems utilising it, while it is also commonly used in steel production.

Nitrogen sales makes good sense

Most nitrogen sales are connected with industry use. It is very effective in destroying toxic liquids and vapours, and as a catalyst, a bleaching agent and rocket fuel. Worldwide nitrogen sales are also high because it is cheaper than alternative gases for the separation of mixtures, otherwise known as chromatography.

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