Different Gases used for Welding

There’s only one thing better than welding gas bottles for your DIY projects – and that’s rent-free welding gas bottle for your DIY project!

Welding can seem like an intimidating process, as it involves energy powerful enough to fuse metal – and that has to be bad for the human body if used improperly. But, by taking the time to acquire the right skills and knowledge, carefully practising and using great equipment like rent-free welding gas bottles, you’ll be completing your DIY projects with ease.

Rent-free welding gas bottle types

When it comes to welding, you will eventually be faced with the question of what sort of rent-free welding gas bottle you will need. So let’s go through the options:


Argon is odourless and non-toxic and it occurs naturally in the atmosphere, but in the form of a gas bottle, it creates an inert and clean environment, free of nitrogen and oxygen. When used for metal fabrication, it is a shielding gas, and regularly blended with CO2 and or Oxygen (O2) for MIG welding – but 100% argon can also be used for TIG welding of any metal of any thickness.


Oxygen makes up 21% of the atmosphere, and is therefore crucial to all life on Earth. Also odourless like argon, oxygen gas bottles are used for oxyfuel cutting, or in small quantities can be added to shielding mixes. Oxygen can also be used for plasma cutting of steel, so an oxygen rent-free welding gas bottle is a powerful tool.


CO2 is yet another odourless gas that can be packaged for a versatile rent-free welding gas bottle, and like Argon & Oxygen, it is non-flammable. In welding, its most common use is in combination with argon for shielding, although it can also be used in its purest state.


There may be a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere – but there is much more nitrogen out there. A tasteless and non-toxic gas, a nitrogen welding gas bottle is used for stainless steel tube welding, but it can also enhance plasma cutting and, in combination with argon shielding gases, is good for stainless steel welding processes.


As those party balloons prove, helium is a particularly light gas, but unlike hydrogen it is not flammable. In bottle form, it is used as an inert gas shield to protect during the welding of stainless steel, copper, aluminium and other metals.

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