Nitrogen is one of the most versatile industrial gases on the planet in both its gas and liquid form. It is often stored in a nitrogen cylinder for ease of use. It was first discovered by the Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772, who called it “noxious air” until the more attractive name nitrogen was introduced. Nitrogen has becoming one of the most successful gases with scores of uses.

To celebrate nitrogen’s qualities, let’s explore a few unique ways this gas helps our modern world run smoothly.

A nitrogen cylinder keeps food fresh

When pressurised into a nitrogen cylinder and mixed with carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas can be used to create a modified atmosphere for the safe storage of foods during transportation.

Nitrogen helps preserve foods for a long period of time by stopping the growth of harmful bacteria and delaying the natural breakdown of foodstuffs. The use of nitrogen cylinders are the reason why you can eat apples from the United States in Sydney, or fresh tomatoes from Italy in Melbourne.

A nitrogen cylinder keeps planes flying and cars racing

Inflating your tyres with air is a common thing to do. But for the best results, you can use nitrogen gas.

A nitrogen cylinder can be used to inflate both aircraft and racing car tyres because the gas is free from moisture, unlike oxygen, and has a more consistent rate of expansion and contraction. This increases safety and reliability, and pushes the performance envelope. By using nitrogen gas, you can get a smoother ride and longer life from your tyres.

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