At Rentfreegas, we come to you – Delivery Service

At Rentfreegas, we know that you need gas. Whether it’s, argon for welding, oxygen for cutting, helium for balloons, CO2 for your fizzy drinks or nitrogen for preserving food – we get it. Forever rent-free But we don’t just get it, we also understand exactly HOW you want to get it. We know that when it comes to our range of industrial and special gases, you don’t want to be paying rent on those cylinders every single day. Many of you only want to use them occasionally – so our cylinders are forever rent-free. Pay once, and only pay again in the future for re-fills. And there’s no catch to that. Your gas, where you want it Not only that, we know that you want your gas wherever you are. We’re based in Sydney but our smaller cylinders are simply put in the mail and delivered by Australia Post to almost every postcode in Australia – whether you’re in a major city or a metropolitan area or not. This is particularly good news for those of you who live in rural or remote areas and are sick of paying rent. So have your very own cylinder instead, sit back for the mail-man and get back to work or play without worrying about gassy hassles! Gas cylinder delivery – for free! But that doesn’t mean our larger, heavier industrial cylinders are not widely available throughout much of Australia as well. If you’re near us in Sydney, or also within 30 kilometres of Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, place your order and we’ll bring your gas right to your door – whether that door is at home, work or anywhere else! And the best thing about it is that we won’t charge you a cent for your gas cylinder delivery. And again, there’s no catch. At Rent Free Gas, we also want to completely take care of you, from the start of your gas-buying purchase to the end and beyond. So, if you buy [...]