Put simply, rent free argon is what we deliver for you to keep. Because our rent free argon is yours once we’ve delivered it, you never need to pay rent on that cylinder, so you can put it away and use it whenever you need it.

What is argon?

Argon is known as one of the ‘noble gases’. What does that mean? Basically, it can create an ideal inert atmosphere which is loved by welders. Argon is used to shield the metals that are being welded so they don’t oxidise.

Argon – much more than ‘lazy’

Argon has no colour, taste or odour, but it’s much more than that – even though it got its name from the Greek word for ‘lazy’, given how well it does its job without reacting.

Argon can be used in fluoro lights, but for DIY and industrial processes, rent free argon really is handy. Again, it’s all about the non-reactive qualities of argon. So when welding those speciality alloys, for example, rent free argon is perfect.

A versatile gas

Because it’s all around us as an element of our breathable air, argon is abundant and inexpensive.

Mixed with other gases, argon is regarded as the perfect shielding gas for TIG welding. But argon is also used for MIG welding, protecting that weld from the reactive properties of the air around it.

Argon is also a great insulator, so deep sea divers love it to keep them warm in those deep, dark depths.

Argon can also help to preserve things. What, exactly? Important historical documents, for example, can have argon pumped into their enclosures, which will help to protect the paper or ink from degrading over time. Argon is also used for wine preservation.

In this way, argon supplied by Rent Free Gas could easily have been used for that 500-year-old map of the world in the US Library of Congress, or a priceless and super-rare copy of the historic Magna Carta document. Unlike a gas that is reactive, like oxygen, argon would keep the document in great condition for decade upon decade.

Want to know more about rent free argon?

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