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Speedgas Bottles – Outright Cylinder Purchase Made Easy

When Speedgas floated the concept of outright welding bottle ownership over 10 years ago, many in the industry thought they were bonkers. Customers on the other hand, sick of being shafted by the ever increasing rental squeeze welcomed the concept and within a short time, and after much fanfare on the many forums dedicated to welding and engineering projects, the Speedgas brand became part of the tradie vernacular. Over the years Speedgas products have expanded beyond Argon and Argon Mix gases to also include Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Helium, Special Gas Mixtures and those awesome blue go fast cylinders full of Nitrous Oxide. There are now many smaller gas suppliers lurking in the shadows of Speedgas' success but what is it that the Speedgas brand has, or even does, that the others are lacking and thus preventing their own market success? Firstly, it is gas. Sounds simple enough but a gas supply company needs guaranteed and dependable supplies of bulk gas. Customers won't invest a couple of hundred dollars into a gas cylinder if the gas supply is flakey. Speedgas is a bulk gas supplier, that is another way of saying they own their own filling infrastructure and fill from an initial liquid state on site in their two manufacturing facilities based in Sydney. What do Speedgas do that makes them a beacon of shining light and bringer of joy to welders? Speedgas use bulk liquid supply which is vaporised on site then used to fill empty cylinders. Is an approved cylinder testing facility. Have Australian approval and Australian valves. Have been in the welding industry for over 20 years Have invested millions into plant, equipment and a sustainable cylinder refill system So what do the others do that is not the best long term practice? They may decant from G size cylinder packs supplied by the larger gas companies. The very ones that only offer rental cylinders. When the big boys pull the plug, your cylinder is worthless. They may export [...]

How does a rent free welding gas bottle work?

You’re a welding business that uses a lot of gas, and you’ve been renting your bottles for years. But, with rental prices escalating, you’re now beginning to wonder if there’s a more cost-effective solution. The good news is that you can now buy a rent free welding gas bottle, and save. How does it work? You’ll firstly buy the ideal type of gas cylinder for your needs in a size that is the most economical for your use. Gas cylinder types are varied, but the most common are Argon, Co2, Helium, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Sizes typically range from 20 kilograms up to 95 kilograms in weight. And we also have the C size which is 6 kilograms full of gas. These rent free gas bottles are full at the time of purchase and delivered to your door. Once you’ve used your gas, and you’re nearing the end of your bottle, you’ll then contact your gas supplier and order a refill. Your refill will then be delivered to you as soon as possible. Do all gas bottles come in the same sizes? The size of rent free welding gas bottles varies depending on the type of gas you are purchasing. Argon gas and Argon 5-2 gas (for MIG welding) cylinders come in volumes of 0.6m3, 1.7m3, 4.0m3 and 8.7m3, as does Oxygen. Nitrogen, however, comes only in 0.6m3, 1.7m3 and 8.7m3 volumes and Helium in 0.5m3, 1.3m3 and 3.4m3 volumes. CO2 gas is available in 1.8kg, 6 kilograms, 22kg and 31-kilogram volumes. How does the cost of a rent free welding gas bottle compare to renting? The initial outlay to buy your rent free welding gas bottles is more expensive than renting gas cylinders. However, you will only need to purchase your gas bottles once, as they have a lifespan of 10 or more years. The cost to then refill your rent free welding gas bottles after you’ve used the gas is minimal, compared to the rental charge [...]

Types of rent free welding gas bottles available

There are many different types of rent free welding gas bottles that are on the market. Some of the most common are Argon, MIG gas, Nitrogen, CO2, hydrogen, helium, and oxygen, as well as propane. These gases can be used by themselves, or may be mixed with other gases to use on various materials. Types of rent free welding gas bottles Argon, Oxygen and Co2, as well as Helium and Nitrogen gas, are available in rent free welding gas bottles. These gases can be used to weld many material types. Argon Argon gas, which is colourless and odourless, is used in the casting industry to flush defects from molten materials. When used in metal fabrication, this gas generates an inert gas shield. When blended with Co2, Helium and Oxygen, Argon enhances the characteristics of the welding arc. Oxygen This gas is also colourless and odourless. Oxygen supports welding cutting operations when added to other shielding gases, and can be mixed with plasma cutting gases to use on carbon based steels. CO2 Mostly used with Argon gas, Co2 is a shield gas ideal for welding. This gas can be utilised in a vapour state to prevent the atmospheric contamination of molten metals during the arc welding process. Helium Helium is a nontoxic and inert gas. As such, this gas is non-flammable and has high heat conductivity, making it ideal for inert gas shield creation. Helium also prevents oxidation when welding aluminium, copper, and stainless steel, as well as magnesium alloys. Nitrogen This gas in its pure form is used for tube welding, particularly stainless steel. Nitrogen also increases the capabilities of plasma cutting and heat treatment. When added to Argon, Nitrogen can be used in gas metal arc welding, also known as MIG welding. Rent Free Gas can supply you with Argon gas cylinders, Oxygen and Co2, along with Nitrogen and Helium gas cylinders. So, no matter what type of materials you’re looking to weld, we [...]

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