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CO2 Beer & Pub Gas Prices, Sydney.

Sydney Prices for CO2 Pub Gas including delivery.  Our recent announcement regarding delivery of CO2 for pubs and clubs seeking to reduce their overheads by owning their own beer gas and post mix cylinders was met with great excitement and many questions were raised in regards to pub gases and food grade gas systems. First and foremost is how much does it cost?  The table below shows delivered prices in Sydney for both first purchase which includes a cylinder to keep forever and the refill swap price which is just a swap over of your empty bottle for a full one.   Beer / Pub Gas Prices (Delivered in Sydney)  Bottle Capacity New Full Bottle Refill Swap C - 1.8kg $200+GST $64+GST D - 6kg $290+GST $78+GST F - 22kg $325+GST $87+GST G - 30kg $400+GST $110+GST How does it work? This system works by you owning your own bottles and stopping the rental costs. So you need to purchase a bottle (cylinder) from us or Speedgas, as are not permitted to fill the big gas companies gas cylinders (like BOC, ALA, Linde, Supagas). After you purchase a bottle it is delivered to you full of gas, and then when it is empty we come out to collect it, and exchange it for a full bottle. This swap system works well for cafes and smaller pubs in the inner city of Sydney, that may have limited access, less room for storage, or need specific delivery times. What if I already have a Cellamix bottle? That's great, you already have most of what is required, just get rid of the cellamix bottle and purchase one of our gas cylinders.  You can start saving almost immediately and gee do the savings start to add up fast. Our gas bottles are rent free because you own them outright so unlike the Cellamix bottles that keep you paying monthly rental, our system saves you the monthly rental. Isn't Cellamix a special food grade pub [...]

CO2 Beer Pub Gas Supplies Sydney | Delivery Refill Sales Service

  Delivered CO2 for Cafes, Pubs & Clubs – Gas refills & Sales Service The excitement surrounding the recent lockout law changes in Sydney may not have met with much fizz due to the minimal changes but we can boost the gas and get the bubbles fizzing with our coolroom deals. Old ben has been in the cellar getting his mix of products ready so that clubs and pubs may benefit from our CO2 gas deliveries and outright cylinder ownership plans. You can now have all food grade gases, whether it is CO2, Beer gas, Pub gas or a mixture of these gases delivered to you. We offer 5 sizes of cylinders from the small refillable lightweight C size up to the D, E, F and G size. For an example of the contents of the cylinders,  the C size holds 1.8kg and the heavy 80kg G size bottle holds 30kg of CO2. The contents of the other sizes are D size (6kg), E size (14kg) and F (22kg). To understand how much beer gas is required to dispense a keg see our example below: A 6kg (D Size bottle) will dispense 3 standard brewery kegs of 50 litres. A 22kg bottle (F size) will dispense 17 standard brewery kegs of 50 litres Some other uses of Carbon Dioxide: For carbonation of soft drinks, post mix and ciders CO2 enrichment for greenhouses To organically treat grain and eradicate pests. To increase the pressure of liquids to move them around a system. Food preservation in meats and other processed foods. Extending shelf-life of perishable items. For more information click here: Pub Gas Delivery, Sydney region. Have you ever been entertained by watching the large trucks reverse down narrow city streets? Yes. Well, there isn't much entertainment with us, as we use smaller vehicles to deliver to the Sydney inner-city and venues with difficult or restricted access, so we can get the gas to you on time as planned. We also [...]

The benefits of pub C02 cylinders

Why are pub C02 cylinders so important? The perfect pint of beer, a lavish event brimming with colourful balloons, and fresh food that is delivered fresh and tasty to guests and patrons all depend on this winning ingredient. Owning or renting pub C02 cylinders, or helium gas cylinders is a convenient solution for a diverse range of businesses and industries Australia-wide, including hospitality and events. Your favourite beer served cold on a warm Australian afternoon relies on carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas. Both gases work to maintain the perfect beer, pump a frothy pint, and deliver pub patrons all over the country with a cold glass of their favourite brew. Rent Free Gas makes this happen with its supply and delivery of pub C02 cylinders and nitrogen cylinders. How can other types of gas help the hospitality industry? Filling a function room with pumped-up balloons is a big task – access to cheap helium gas offers an economic and fast way to decorate any event. A helium gas tank makes for a well equipped and prepared hotel, function room or venue, and allows for smooth running of functions and events. Balloons are no longer a decoration just for children’s birthday parties. They are a must-have decoration for any event and come in a multitude of colours and designs. Rent Free Gas supplies the hospitality industry with an affordable solution for nitrogen, by owning, not renting a nitrogen cylinder. The supply and storage of fresh, well preserved and delicious food that meets the standards of customers is essential to the hospitality industry. Preserving food and ensuring that it does not brown or lose its flavour is important to avoid food wastage, cut overhead costs, and uphold quality control standards within the industry. Nitrogen gas preserves the freshness and shelf life of food and is a useful tool for the food and hospitality industry. The many operations of hotels and hospitality businesses can utilise gas to enhance their business [...]

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