Why are pub C02 cylinders so important?

The perfect pint of beer, a lavish event brimming with colourful balloons, and fresh food that is delivered fresh and tasty to guests and patrons all depend on this winning ingredient. Owning or renting pub C02 cylinders, or helium gas cylinders is a convenient solution for a diverse range of businesses and industries Australia-wide, including hospitality and events.

Your favourite beer served cold on a warm Australian afternoon relies on carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas. Both gases work to maintain the perfect beer, pump a frothy pint, and deliver pub patrons all over the country with a cold glass of their favourite brew. Rent Free Gas makes this happen with its supply and delivery of pub C02 cylinders and nitrogen cylinders.

How can other types of gas help the hospitality industry?

Filling a function room with pumped-up balloons is a big task – access to cheap helium gas offers an economic and fast way to decorate any event. A helium gas tank makes for a well equipped and prepared hotel, function room or venue, and allows for smooth running of functions and events. Balloons are no longer a decoration just for children’s birthday parties. They are a must-have decoration for any event and come in a multitude of colours and designs.

Rent Free Gas supplies the hospitality industry with an affordable solution for nitrogen, by owning, not renting a nitrogen cylinder. The supply and storage of fresh, well preserved and delicious food that meets the standards of customers is essential to the hospitality industry. Preserving food and ensuring that it does not brown or lose its flavour is important to avoid food wastage, cut overhead costs, and uphold quality control standards within the industry. Nitrogen gas preserves the freshness and shelf life of food and is a useful tool for the food and hospitality industry.

The many operations of hotels and hospitality businesses can utilise gas to enhance their business and the services offered. A nitrogen cylinder, pub C02 cylinder, and helium tank can help to create a successfully catered event, well-run bar, lavish event and thriving hospitality service.

Rent Free Gas can supply your business with cheap and affordable solutions to renting or owning helium gas, a nitrogen cylinder, or pub C02 cylinders that offers convenience and economy for your business. Call us today on 1300 792 603!