Pub C02 cylinders


Delivered CO2 for Cafes, Pubs & Clubs – Gas refills & Sales Service

The excitement surrounding the recent lockout law changes in Sydney may not have met with much fizz due to the minimal changes but we can boost the gas and get the bubbles fizzing with our coolroom deals. Old ben has been in the cellar getting his mix of products ready so that clubs and pubs may benefit from our CO2 gas deliveries and outright cylinder ownership plans.

You can now have all food grade gases, whether it is CO2, Beer gas, Pub gas or a mixture of these gases delivered to you. We offer 5 sizes of cylinders from the small refillable lightweight C size up to the D, E, F and G size. For an example of the contents of the cylinders,  the C size holds 1.8kg and the heavy 80kg G size bottle holds 30kg of CO2. The contents of the other sizes are D size (6kg), E size (14kg) and F (22kg).

To understand how much beer gas is required to dispense a keg see our example below:

  1. A 6kg (D Size bottle) will dispense 3 standard brewery kegs of 50 litres.
  2. A 22kg bottle (F size) will dispense 17 standard brewery kegs of 50 litres

Some other uses of Carbon Dioxide:

  • For carbonation of soft drinks, post mix and ciders
  • CO2 enrichment for greenhouses
  • To organically treat grain and eradicate pests.
  • To increase the pressure of liquids to move them around a system.
  • Food preservation in meats and other processed foods.
  • Extending shelf-life of perishable items.

For more information click here: Pub Gas Delivery, Sydney region.

Have you ever been entertained by watching the large trucks reverse down narrow city streets? Yes. Well, there isn’t much entertainment with us, as we use smaller vehicles to deliver to the Sydney inner-city and venues with difficult or restricted access, so we can get the gas to you on time as planned. We also allow you to talk with the business owner, not a courier or driver, so you can know when to expect a delivery. We want to communicate with you and give you good service, so you keep coming back to us.

The rentfreegas model is a simple, with no rent charge and no delivery charge. Our first cost is higher, as we include the cost of the cylinder in that price, and thereafter you only pay for refills. The benefit for the customer is that there is no ongoing monthly charge, you have a known fixed cost, no surprises.

If you empty your cylinder once a year then you only pay for the refill once a year. We are happy to have your business.

If you are based in Sydney please feel free to call us 0404 677 187