nitrogen gas supply

Nitrogen. We’ve all heard of it, but did you know car enthusiasts use it every single day?

Let’s run through a nitrogen gas supply Q&A session regarding a use for this handy gas that you may never have even thought about: pumping up your car tyres.


Q: Nitrogen gas supply for car tyres is really a thing?

A: Yes! Although most common in high performance tyres, such as aircraft and racing cars, many people use a nitrogen gas supply to inflate their road car tyres.


Q: Is nitrogen gas supply for my car even safe?

A: Yes! Nitrogen is quite a safe gas as it is inert – in fact, it’s one of the most commonly used chemicals in the world and makes up 78% of the earth’s breathable atmosphere.


Q: That’s right: didn’t I hear that nitrogen gas supply is used with food?

A: Correct. Nitrogen gas supply is used for packaging and storing food and other things like coffee.


Q: But why would I use nitrogen gas supply for my car’s tyres?

A: Although it is often used in racing cars and aircraft for running temperature reasons, a big benefit in everyday use is that it will keep the inflation of your tyres more consistent. So you need to check them less often!


Q: But I’ve heard that tyres inflated by nitrogen should be at a different pressure to what is ordinarily recommended for my car. Is that right?

A: No – whether or not you use a nitrogen gas supply to inflate your tyres, stick with those normal recommendations. But what you will notice is that your tyres stay at that inflation level for longer.


Q: I’ve heard that I need to dilute the nitrogen gas supply with air – is this right?

A: That’s not right. The whole point of using nitrogen is that you get the full benefits of a nitrogen gas supply without all the other elements of normal ‘air’.


Q: But what if my tyres are low and I need to re-inflate with air in a hurry?

A: Of course that’s safe. But as said, diluting your nitrogen gas supply-filled tyres with air will dilute the benefits.


Q: But a nitrogen gas supply costs money. Why would I bother?

A: Actually, over the long term, using a nitrogen gas supply for your tyres can save you money. Not only because your tyres will always be at the right pressure for your car’s fuel economy, but also because nitrogen will not degrade the rubber in the way that the presence of oxygen will.

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