Whether using a nitrogen gas bottle or some other type of compressed gas, it’s certain compressed gases need to be handled with care. The rent free gas bottles we supply contain gas under pressure (otherwise known as compressed gas), and all the gases we supply are non-flammable. However it is important to always carefully consider your safety and the safety of others when buying compressed gases.

Safely store your rent free gas bottles

When you purchase your gas cylinders, you need to think carefully about where you plan to store them, how you will encourage proper ventilation when they’re in use, and how to transport them properly without doing any damage.

How to store bottles properly

If you have rent free gas cylinders, even if you plan to use them the next day, chances are you might need to store them for a few hours. To do this, make sure they are secured, so they cannot fall over and stored in a place that is away from high temperatures – so be wary of a garage that gets too hot – and make sure they are placed according to health and safety regulations.

Ensuring proper ventilation

When using gas, make sure you are doing it in a properly ventilated area. Make sure any ducts or hoods in the space are suited for that specific gas use before you put it into operation.

Make sure systems are explosion and corrosion proof so you don’t do damage to the area you’re working in. Also take care to wear proper eye, ear, body and face protection so you don’t hurt yourself.

Transporting gas bottles safely

When moving rent free gas bottles from place to place, always have the valve caps on them for protection. Be careful when lifting the cylinders too – don’t pull them by their valve caps or roll or slide them along the ground, as these actions can cause them damage. However, if moving a short distance, you can safely roll the cylinder on the bottom edge without causing damage.

When lifting, don’t use magnets, chains or ropes, as they could be easily dropped, causing damage. Instead, transport the cylinders properly on trolleys that are specifically designed for this purpose.

For any extra information on gas bottle safety, please don’t hesitate to contact Rent Free Gas 0404 677 187, for all your compressed gas needs.