A gas with no smell, colour or taste, many believe ‘oxygen’ is what we breathe, but in fact only about 20% of the atmosphere is comprised of pure oxygen. It is, however, crucial to our survival and also that of all living organisms. It is the most widely-occurring element on earth and is abundant not only in our bodies, but also in water and even the sun, and very useful in the form of an oxygen gas bottle.

Uses of oxygen

Oxygen is used to make various acids and it is applied to various chemical applications. It destroys bacteria and is useful in treating patients suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. It is used in water treatment and helps in dating fossils, while in industry, oxygen is used in the process of destroying rocks as well as making steel and iron.

What to do with your oxygen gas bottle

As oxygen reacts with combustible materials and releases heat, an oxygen gas bottle is commonly used for working with metals, such as cutting, welding and melting, and it is widely used by the steel industry. This is because oxygen gas (in conjunction with another heating gas) generates very high temperature flames of up to 3,000 degrees C and is therefore useful for blow torches and in softening metals.

Welding with the use of an oxygen gas bottle is one of the oldest forms of fusing metals, and is still used in smaller applications such as those in the home, and for producing artwork involving the shaping of metals. For cutting, oxygen in the gas bottle must be of a high quality to improve the cutting speed and ensure a clean cut.

Other uses of oxygen gas bottles

Oxygen gas can also be used to produce energy for generators and ships, and it has applications in the operation of planes and automobiles and the production of fabrics and plastics. It is used for space travel, such as in fuel and also in the astronaut’s suit, which contains almost 100% oxygen. Oxygen is also useful in the production of paper, ceramics, glass, medicines and petroleum.

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