Carbon dioxide is one of the most common gases on Planet Earth and is absolutely vital to creating and sustaining life. Produced naturally by volcanoes, geysers and hot springs, C02 is also generated by seawater, rivers and deposits of natural gas and petroleum. It’s everywhere – but it wasn’t until mankind found a way to liquidise and store C02 that another range of powers was unleashed for this crucial gas. Here’s a few ways liquid C02 cylinders can be of benefit to your business:

Protect your business

Liquid C02 cylinders are used across a wide rage of industries to enhance their capabilities. One of the most important parts of liquid C02 is the protective qualities it has. Liquid C02 cylinders are used in the freezing and refrigeration of food during processing and production, stopping rot, sealing in freshness and allowing long transportation.

They are also used as a shield gas during welding to prevent weld oxidisation, which increases the quality of the join. Liquid C02 cylinders also ensure the pH balance for water treatment plants stays correct and help smother flames as part of fire suppression systems.

Help your business grow

C02 is a very helpful gas for stopping things like rot, oxidisation and damage from flames happening. But on the flip side, liquid C02 gas cylinders help things grow and emerge.C02 gas cylinders are utilised widely in horticulture to stimulate the growth of plants in greenhouses, increasing yields and cutting down growing times.

They are also used in the oil and gas industry for enhanced resource recovery, allowing energy companies to go deeper in their search for viable deposits.

Rent Free Gas supplies liquid C02 cylinders

As you can see, liquid C02 cylinders are one of the most important gas products we offer at Rent Free Gas. Every time you go to the supermarket for fresh food, turn on your car or use the tap for a drink of water, chances are a liquid C02 cylinder helped make that happen.

That’s why at Rent Free Gas, we offer high quality liquid C02 gas cylinders for sale upfront, allowing you to own the tools that will protect and grow your business instead of just renting them.

For more information or to order your C02 gas cylinder call Rent Free Gas today on 1300 792 603.