Helium is one of the most valuable and versatile industrial gases in the world, most commonly used as a shielding gas during the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) process.

Helium is considered a strategic resource for military and industrial use by the United States, which stockpiles it at a huge facility in Amarillo, Texas. This mammoth place holds over one billion cubic feet of the gas! Check it out here: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Helium_Reserve.

But at Rent Free Gas, we can help you secure your own supply of helium gas without going to such extremes. We have a wide range of helium gas cylinders available for outright purchase so you can make your own stockpile – albeit a little smaller than the Texas reserve! Here’s some of the advantages of having your own helium cylinder:

1. Secure supply of helium

The usual way to use helium gas cylinders is to order them from a supply company and pay two costs – the rent of the cylinder itself and the helium gas inside that you will use.

But by purchasing a helium gas cylinder from Rent Free Gas, you own it outright and only have to pay for the gas you use. This means you never have to wait for a cylinder to become available or get delivered; with helium gas cylinder purchase, it’s already part of your tool kit.

2. Reduced costs

When you own your own helium gas cylinder, you never have to pay to rent one ever again. In the long run, your purchase will pay for itself.

Best of all, after taking care of your helium gas cylinder purchase, the only cost you will have to cover is the gas itself, and Rent Free Gas supplies competitively priced helium gas to all of its customers.

3. Helium gas cylinders are convenient

Whether you’ve got a big professional welding job, you are filling balloons, or you’ve finally secured some time to work on your DIY projects, there’s nothing worse than wasting time having to drive somewhere to collect a cylinder. We come to you.

But when you own your own helium gas cylinder, you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice – just remember to ensure the gas is topped up before you get stuck in! Call Rent Free Gas today on 1300 792 603.