If you own a party, costume or greeting card store, you’ll no doubt want to make sure your customers’ parties go off with a bang. As well as goods such as banners, gifts, fancy dress costumes and decorations, balloons can help make events extra special and set the right mood for the festivities. And they’re not just for kids – balloons can get the party started no matter the age of the guests! With a helium gas cylinder purchase you can create your own special balloon decorations at any time for your customers.

Selling balloons

For owners and managers of stores that sell goods related to parties and celebrations, balloons can offer an excellent source of revenue. People buy balloons for all sorts of occasions, whether it’s a friend’s birthday, someone’s buck’s night, a baby’s christening or a major event like the Olympics that happens to be going on. If you currently only sell balloons of the non-helium variety though, you’re missing out. Helium balloons have a higher price point and could stand to make you a lot more money. Plus, customers are attracted to them because they’re usually more eye-catching and interesting than regular balloons.

You may have been put off them until now because of the hassle and expense of having to rent helium cylinders, but with the purchase of your own helium gas cylinder, that doesn’t need to be the case.

Helium gas cylinder purchase vs rental

Many party goods retailers will rent their cylinders and then pay for refills on top of that. But by purchasing a helium gas cylinder, you don’t have to worry about rental fees as you own the cylinder outright and only pay for the refills, lowering your ongoing expenses.

Rent Free Gas: for all your helium gas cylinder needs

At Rent Free Gas, we stock helium gas cylinders for all your balloon needs. Simply purchase a cylinder from us and we can refill it whenever you need us to. We have a range of cylinder sizes to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that suits your shop, whether it’s small or large, and we offer delivery throughout Sydney, coming to other states soon. Get in touch with us today by emailing simon@rentfreegas.com.au or calling 1300 792 603 to find out more about our gas products.