Everyone knows how much children – and adults, for that matter – love a simple balloon filled with cheap helium gas. For a successful children’s party, it’s not a treat but almost a necessity. But have you ever really thought about what else can be done with cheap helium gas?

What you can do with balloons filled with cheap helium gas is limited only by your imagination. Combine colours for beautiful patterns and string them together. Spatter them with gold or silver paint for an exotic look. Cover them with sequins, glitter or confetti – the sky is the limit.

Cheap helium gas for up, up and away

Did you know that airships like blimps used to be filled with hydrogen rather than helium? But as the Hindenberg disaster tragically demonstrated, non-flammable helium is a much better option for beating the effects of gravity and floating serenely above the ground. But you would need thousands of balloons to lift yourself into the air while sitting in a chair.

Other facts about cheap helium gas

Did you know that the breathing air used by scuba divers contains helium? It also has medical applications like treatments for breathing ailments and asthma, and can be used by welders in certain situations including high-heat transfer, as it has coolant properties. Helium is also found in rocket fuel, lasers, and is used for the dating of rocks.

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