Mig Gas South Australia

Mig Gas Adelaide - New Location South Australia and Adelaide, otherwise known as the City of Churches, has so much going for it. It has one of the best ovals to watch cricket in Australia, great conference centres, beautiful beaches, great Food and Wine and now cheap Argon gas bottles. Our Adelaide Rentfreegas depot has recently moved to Camden Park (2B Deeds Road, Camden Park SA 5038), the business name on the building is Cobalt Blue Australasia. The Argon cylinder prices all include gas, delivery, and GST. So whether you need TIG gas for some aluminium and/or stainless work, or you need MIG gas for mild steel welding, we can deliver to both gases to you. For TIG welding and work with Aluminium & stainless steel, we have pure Argon. For MIG gas welding we offer a blend of pure Argon with 5% CO2 and 2% Oxygen. MIG Gas Prices - Adelaide: Bottle Size   First Cost    Refill Cost D (1.7m3) -   $360               $110 E (4m3) -    $460                 $160 G (8.7m3) - $560                $180 You can come and collect from the store in Deeds road, and we also offer same day and next day delivery in metro areas. The prices above include all costs, nothing more to pay. Thank you Regards Alan - (08) 8352 3881.