Whether you own a pub or brew your own beer and serve it in a backyard bar, there’s something satisfying about pulling perfect pints. The secret to a great tasting beer is more than just how it’s brewed. Without sure and steady pressure from top quality beer gas cylinders with the right gas mix, those beers could drip out of the tap, flat and uninspiring.

For years, pubs and clubs and home brewing enthusiasts around Australia have relied on beer gas cylinders and their suppliers to keep their beers at a good pressure. But it comes at a premium cost, requiring the rent of the beer gas cylinder itself and payment for the gas inside.

Now thanks to rent free beer gas cylinder suppliers like Rent Free Gas, more and more beverages are being poured from gas tanks 100% owned by proprietors and homeowners. This has three huge advantages:

1. No more waiting on the “milk run” with beer gas cylinders

Pubs and clubs and people with home bars who rent beer gas cylinders often have to wait for a scheduled “milk run” from their supplier to get them refilled. This can cause a lot of problems, especially when the bar is heaving or some thirsty friends are waiting for a cooling drink or two in the backyard.

But with rent free beer gas cylinder suppliers like Rent Free Gas, refills are done whenever they are needed without having to wait. This means the beer taps are always charged and ready to go.

2. Rent free beer gas cylinder suppliers mean cheaper beer in the long run

Beer is usually pumped out using a mixture of CO2 and nitrogen, and varies depending on the temperature you want the beer to be. CO2 gas cylinder suppliers often charge big premiums to use their equipment and refill the beer gas cylinders with the desired mixture.

But with rent free beer gas cylinder suppliers, you can get a competitive sales price to own the equipment outright, with cheap refills providing long term cost savings.

3. A more complete experience

Many home brewers tend to create bottles of beer that don’t need gas to pour. This is because the cost of setting up a bar with beer gas cylinders to pour beverages from kegs is often seen as too expensive.

Rent free beer gas cylinders allow people to create DIY pubs in their own backyard for a fraction of the cost of renting, setting up a far better experience and allowing new, more exciting types of beer to be brewed and served.

Rent Free Gas will set you free

At Rent Free Gas, we believe in freedom and choice. That’s why we offer a wide range of beer gas cylinders for sale at competitive prices, meaning you’ll never have to rent one again.

Buy your cylinder, use the gas and get cheap refills. It couldn’t be easier than that! Get in touch with Rent Free Gas today on 1300 792 603 to find out more.