Argon is a gas that has no colour, odour or taste. But that doesn’t stop it from getting lots of attention. Argon is known as one of the seven noble gases and is highly prized for its properties as a chemically inert substance. When placed in argon gas cylinders, the non-flammable and non-toxic powers of this noble gas are concentrated in an easy to use way. This improves work quality and increases safety levels.

High quality guaranteed with an argon gas cylinders

The main industrial application for argon gas is as a shielding agent during welding and other high-temperature processes. The most common argon welding processes are tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding and metal inert gas (MIG) welding. These are typically used for both aluminium and steel welding applications.

Both of these processes use consumable and non-consumable electrodes to produce the weld. They usually require an argon gas cylinder to supply gas to protect the process. Because it can’t catch fire and ignite and won’t produce toxic fumes, argon stops atmospheric gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and even water vapour from interfering with the weld.

If any of these atmospheric gases come into contact with the weld, they can degrade its quality and even increase the time it takes to complete the work.

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An argon gas cylinder is just the beginning though. We also provide specialised gas mixes, including Mix 5/2 – an argon/ CO2/oxygen mix perfectly suited for MIG welding. Whatever job you need to tackle with an argon gas cylinder, we can help you achieve the right mix and secure the best equipment

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At Rent Free Gas, we are able to sell argon gas cylinders outright. This makes much more sense for our clients, who can then concentrate on getting the job done rather than paying rent.

A quality argon gas cylinder with the right mix is crucial for quality welding. Rent Free Gas has a huge range of quality argon products and deep expertise in crafting perfect welding gas mixes tailored to any job. For more information call us today on 1300 792 603.