Oxygen has a great many uses in metal industries as it can be used to cut metal, for welding and also for heating. When it comes to heating, the oxygen mixes with other gases so a very hot flame is produced. This use of an oxygen gas cylinder can melt metal, such as steel, in a room-temperature environment.

Oxygen gas cylinders – perfect for industry work

Oxygen should not be confused with air. Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air we breathe, whereas oxygen is only the remaining 22% or so. With oxygen gas cylinders, the oxygen is pure, creating a gas that is non-toxic, non-flammable and odourless.

The oxygen produced is an oxidising agent that is a highly reactive non-metallic element. The gas easily forms with the majority of compounds and elements.

Flames from oxygen gas cylinders

Oxygen gas cylinders produce different mixes of flames that burn at different temperatures. For example, a propane/air flame mix burns at a temperature of 2,000 °C, a propane/oxygen flame burns at around 2,800 °C, and an acetylene/oxygen flame burns at approximately 3,500 °C.

The benefits of oxygen gas cylinders

There are many advantages to oxygen gas cylinders, namely being that they support the combustion of a variety of materials that don’t normally burn in air.

Another benefit is that rather than burning the materials, the oxygen gas cylinders produce oxygen that supports and accelerates the combustion.

Hazards with oxygen gas cylinders

It’s important to operate an oxygen gas cylinder as safely as possible. This means avoiding oil or grease for lubricating the oxygen gas cylinders or the metals you are working with. Why? Because if oxygen mixes with oil or grease, it has the potential to combust explosively and do damage to both you and the equipment.

Buy an oxygen gas cylinder to save money

For most users, it makes more sense to purchase an oxygen gas cylinder rather than to rent one. Rental costs add up quickly, but if you buy a cylinder outright then you can use it as many times as you like without having to worry about deposits or ongoing rental fees.

The oxygen from our oxygen gas cylinders is 99.6% pure and is one of the best products on the market. We deliver to every major city in Australia for an affordable fee too. See below for all our oxygen gas cylinders on offer and choose one that’s right for your needs. Why rent when you can buy now?

Small Cylinder

  • D size Cylinder
  • Volume 1.7m3
  • Height Approx 75cm
  • Diameter 17cm
  • Weight 20kg

Medium Cylinder

  • E size Cylinder
  • Volume 4.0m3
  • Height Approx 105cm
  • Diameter 21cm
  • Weight 39kg

Large Cylinder

  • G size Cylinder
  • Volume8.7m3
  • Height Approx 163cm
  • Diameter 25cm
  • Weight 80kg

DIY First Cylinder

$23000inc GST & delivery
  • Available in all gases

DIY Refill Cylinder

$70INC GSTinc GST & delivery
  • Available in all gases