We’re passionate about our business of nitrogen gas cylinder delivery. Here are a few frequently asked questions about nitrogen gas, its uses and how nitrogen gas cylinders are delivered to your home or business with the utmost safety.

Nitrogen gas cylinder rent-free

Nitrogen is a very interesting material with a lot of uses. Nitrogen can be used as both a liquid and a gas. It helps lots of Australian industries perform at their best. It also helps consumers in many ways, such as preserving their foods.

Own your own nitrogen gas cylinder and do away with rental costs

A nitrogen gas cylinder is used to house nitrogen. It’s a sturdy steel construction that provides the solid environment that is needed to store and transport nitrogen safely. For safe and reliable nitrogen delivery, you will need a strong nitrogen gas cylinder to get the job done right. Get in touch with Rent Free Gas to find out more about their rent-free nitrogen gas cylinders. Purchase your own nitrogen gas cylinder and you’ll save overall on rental costs.

Use your nitrogen gas cylinder safely and easily

Nitrogen gas has lots of uses in both the home and Australia’s industry.

Nitrogen gas provides an unreactive atmosphere. This means it doesn’t let bacteria and germs grow, making it the ideal material to be used to preserve foods. When you mix nitrogen with CO2, you get a carbonated effect. This correct carbonation means that nitrogen even helps dispense your favourite beer down at your local pub or club.

Other ways that nitrogen helps with the preservation of food and liquids include, storage that stops your food oxidising (turning brown), and as mentioned, stopping the growth of harmful bacteria. Nitrogen is also used to give your foods as long a life span as possible. By sealing food in cans, plastic containers, wraps or bottles, your food will last much longer.

Nitrogen gas also has a useful role to play in large-scale industries all around the world. To name a few, nitrogen helps in the electronics industry during the production of transistors and diodes. Large quantities of nitrogen are also used in steel mills and for blanketing, paintball guns, purging and bottling. Laser cutting also requires nitrogen to be used in conjunction with a light beam in order to cut steel and other materials.

Did you know that nitrogen plays an essential role in aviation?

The tyres on a plane are required to be filled with nitrogen. If regular air was used, the increase in altitude would cause the tyres to rupture in the air.

Nitrogen also makes motor racing possible by making high performance tyres and air driven tools work their best. By maintaining steady tyre pressure, nitrogen allows the stable performance of cars in motor racing.

Small Cylinder

  • Nitrogen D size Cylinder
  • Volume 1.7m3
  • Height Approx 75cm
  • Diameter 17cm
  • Weight 20kg

Large Cylinder

  • Nitrogen G┬ásize Cylinder
  • Volume 8.7m3
  • Height Approx 163cm
  • Diameter 25cm
  • Weight 80kg

DIY First Cylinder

$23000inc GST & delivery
  • Nitrogen C Size Cylinder

DIY Refill Cylinder

$7000inc GST & delivery
  • Nitrogen C Size Cylinder