Colourless, odourless, non-toxic and inert, helium is the lightest of the seven noble gases. It is scientifically known as the second most abundant element in the observable universe. But, when put into its liquid form, pressurised and placed into a helium gas cylinder, this brilliantly versatile gas can be harnessed to work for you.

Helium gas cylinder for balloons

Helium has a wide range of uses, from blowing up balloons to use as a shielding gas for gas tungsten arc welding.

At Rent Free Gas, the most common use for the high quality helium gas we supply is for commercial balloons, blimps and large inflatables. There’s also a large demand for blowing up party balloons.

Helium offers great value for inflatables with a single helium gas cylinder able to inflate hundreds of balloons.

For example, a D size cylinder with a volume of 1.3m3 can create 100 balloons, while an E sized cylinder with a volume of 3.4m3 inflates up to 300 balloons.

Helium gas cylinder for welding work

The other main use for a helium gas cylinder is for special welding applications, such as gas tungsten arc welding.

Helium can be used to form part of a shielding gas during welding to protect the welding electrode from atmospheric gases, such as oxygen and water vapour. These atmospheric gases can have a negative impact on the quality of the weld and can even slow up the welding process.

At Rent Free Gas we can mix Helium with Argon to create perfectly tailored shielding gas. Using a helium gas cylinder is a great way of protecting special welding applications and ensuring high quality is achieved.

Helium gas cylinder available for delivery

Most people who use gas cylinders have to rent them – and then pay for refills.

At Rent Free Gas, we can provide you with a high quality helium gas cylinder that’s available to buy outright, so you need never pay to rent a gas cylinder again. Then, when it’s time to refill it, we offer top-ups at very competitive prices.

This is the perfect opportunity to get a helium gas cylinder whether you’re keen on welding or you run a party business blowing up balloons and inflatables.

We stock a wide rage of quality cylinders, including a special offer for a DIY First Cylinder, priced at $180 with refills available for as low as $70. All of our DIY cylinders and regular range of products are available for delivery across Australia through Australia Post.

Small Cylinder

  • Helium D size Cylinder
  • Volume 1.3m3 – Inflates 100 Balloons
  • Height Approx 75cm
  • Diameter 17cm
  • Weight 20kg

Medium Cylinder

  • Helium E size Cylinder
  • Volume 3.4m3 – Inflates 300 Balloons
  • Height Approx 105cm
  • Diameter 21cm
  • Weight 39kg

DIY First Cylinder

$18000inc GST & delivery
  • Helium C Size Cylinder – Inflates 50 Balloons

DIY Refill Cylinder

$7000inc GST & delivery
  • Helium C Size Cylinder – Inflates 50 Balloons